Published On: Thu, Dec 25th, 2014

Sony Releases Controversial Movie “The Interview” Broadly Online

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Sony Pictures has made a huge turn around and surprised everyone as it broadly released the controversial movie The Interview that loosely depicts the assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un online on Wednesday. This is a Christmas gift for all comedy movie fans and this is a counter-stroke that it could possibly give to the hackers who caused havoc after accessing and hacking the internal data of Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Sony Releases Controversial Movie “The Interview” Broadly Online

Sony was always looking to release the movie The Interview on a national platform, said the chair and CEO of Sony Pictures Michael Lynton. He said that Sony decided to choose the digital platform for releasing the controversial movie as it would reach to as many people as possible on the opening day itself. It is a gift from Sony for the Americans this Christmas. Sony said that it also is looking for other partners and platforms to release the movie even further and to reach more people as soon as possible.

The movie ‘The Interview’ is now available online on a wide variety of digital platforms like: YouTube Movies, a separate Sony website, Google Play and Microsoft Xbox video from yesterday afternoon. Independent theaters and Sony have also come to an understanding of releasing the movie in over 300 screens across the country on Christmas day. The major theater chains dropped the idea of releasing this hacked movie last week and Sony lost as many as 3,000 screens. The wide digital release more or less made up for the lost theater screens.

A North Koren diplomat to the Untied SNations, Kim Song, said that the movie was an, “unpardonable mockery of our sovereignty and dignity of our supreme leader. North Korea will likely limit its response to condemnation, with no “physical reaction”.

Seth Rogen, one of the stars of the movie, is excited that the movie has released on wide digital platform. He feels that a comedy film is best enjoyed in a theater where there are more people. He urged people to watch the movie by calling their friends over to their home and enjoy it on the digital platform.

There is no confirmation as to whether Sony Pictures would be able to collect the $40 million that it spent on the movie. It has also spent more money on marketing after deciding to release the movie online with the help of affordable formats. Sony still has not ruled out the possibility of releasing the movie in major theater chains.

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