Published On: Wed, Apr 6th, 2016

Sony Releasing PlayStation 4 Update, Version 3.50 Musashi, Today

The next software update to PlayStation 4 is arriving today, April 6. It will be version 3.50 Musashi and is learned to be adding up more social features to facilitate interacting with online friends while playing games.

One of the most important features to come today is the Remote Play for Windows PC as well as Mac Os X. This mean the games of PlayStation 4 could be streamed on computer too apart from television.

However, it is to take note the Remote Play feature will be compatible to Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and OS X 10.10 and all the later updates.

Sony Releasing PlayStation 4 Update, Version 3.50 Musashi, Today

There will be differences in the streaming quality from user to user depending on one’s internet bandwidth. The default resolution will be 540p. The resolution to start at 360p and could go up to 720p at 60fps.

The latest update to also allow gamers appear offline. Doing it is simple. Users simply need to go to their Profile or else access the Quick menu screen and check for Online Status. Choosing to appear offline here users can enjoy games without getting interrupted by their online friends.

Sony writes in its official blog the online friend notification has also been added in the update to get alerts while a friend comes online.

GameSpot writes the new notification system can be enabled for a select few friends too if not for everyone on the list.

Play Together feature is also to be seen after the release of update. It will allow all the members to watch what their friends are playing.

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