Published On: Sun, Sep 22nd, 2013

STARFACT False Fossils

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To many mid-Victorian geologists and paleontologists, including Darwin, laminated green and grey rock specimens from altered lime stones of the Canadian Shield of Ontario and Quebec were the most important fossils ever found, because they constituted evidence of the existence of complex life forms. They were called ‘Ozone’ or dawn animals. However, it was later shown that they were not fossils at all, but crystals.

Age of the Weald
Darwin lived in an area in Southern England called the Weald.He tried to estimate the geological structure of the area. However, his calculations were wildly off the mark.
Astronomer Son
Charles Darwin had 10 children. one of them, George Darwin was a mathematician and astronomer. He was among the first to realize that radioactivity was constantly warming the Earth’s crust and calculation of the Earth’s age based on heat loss were meaningless.

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