Published On: Sat, Mar 7th, 2020

Summer Activities that Benefit Kids with ADHD

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Most children get bored easily. Depending on the age and personality, some kids are better at entertaining themselves than others but all need the guidance and direction of their parents and caregivers for structure. This is especially true for small children and for kids with Attention Deficit Disorders (ADHD/ADD). Sometimes even adults with attention problems do better when their friends or significant others provide ideas and activities to stay focused and busy. There are some great ways to keep kids with ADD happy during the summer doldrums.

Summer Activities that Benefit Kids with ADHD

A Successful Summer for Kids with ADHD

Schedule activities that children enjoy and are good at. Dr. David Rabiner, Ph.D. of Duke University notes that maintaining self-esteem is important for kids with attention problems. Choosing activities that are challenging but still help keep kids attention and allow them to perform well will help build self-esteem.
Plan ahead. Children with attention problems often have a need to know what is going to be on the calendar. Many kids like to have an hour-by-hour schedule. Once they have an idea of what they will be doing, children with ADHD can relax more and enjoy the activities.

Activities and Ideas for Summer Vacation

Nature Trails: A planned hike is a great opportunity to burn off some energy and soak up some nature and education at the same time. Many local and state parks have summer programs for children too.
Arts and Crafts: Plan a field trip to the local craft or hobby store and let your child select an age-appropriate craft. This is a great opportunity to spend some time and energy and also build social skills. Plan the trip out, set a time and money limit. Discuss in advance ideas for what might be purchased.
Software: Summer is a great time to explore education and fun computer games. A little planning and research will take the headache out of buying, renting or borrowing new software. Sit down with your child and search out some games or computer activities that spark his interest. Most libraries have software sections that allow you borrow programs for several weeks.

Check out local recreational activities and let your children try sports or games they might not get the opportunity to participate in during the school year. Contact your local parks or recreation department for a list of activities.

If children are old enough, consider helping them find a small part-time job during the summer. Working not only gives them some spending money, it helps build self-esteem, keeps them focused and helps maintain a regular schedule. Consider volunteering with your children for a few hours a week at a local residential or nursing home. Not only does the activity keep your kids busy, they get to give back and help others at the same time.

Staying busy and staying focused are two very important elements of tapping into the strengths of your ADHD child. Summer is a great opportunity for families with ADHD to build on lifestyle skills and hopefully relax a little too.

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