Published On: Mon, Nov 24th, 2014

Super Foods That Trigger Diabetes

Contrary to what people think that diabetes is purely hereditary, it is also caused by the foods one ingests and lifestyle one is leading. The quality of food one ingests contributes to a large extend the health standards one will lead. Exercising is also another thing one should conduct regularly in order to lead a healthy life. The following are some of the food that will trigger diabetes in you if taken inappropriately.


These high sugar foods not only have a zero diet value, but also can cause a rise in the blood sugar. The food is rich in high sugar content and will require that your body works a notch higher to produce enough insulin to counter the extra blood sugar. Apart from it raising your blood sugar, it also causes weight gain, which is a major contributing factor to the rising cases of diabetes. In cases where one needs to take some sugary food, one should consider healthy sugar like fruits and avoid candy and soda as much as possible.

Fruit Juice extracts:

As much as whole fruits are the best in terms healthy sugar, the same cannot be said about juice extracts from the same fruits. Fruit juice causes a shoot in blood sugar level, unlike when you would have had a whole fruit reason being that a whole fruit is rich in natural fiber which will help contain blood sugar. The next time you think of having fruit juice, then consider taking their whole fruit counterpart.


Raisins are dried fruits. During the process of dehydration, sugar contained in fruits becomes very concentrated and ingesting them will lead to a shoot in blood sugar level since they are absorbed very fast. Always try to stick to the fresh whole fruit.


As much as we like to take pancakes for our dinner, they are one of the leading causes of diabetes. Taking one pancake is like taking three slices of white bread and on a normal occasion, one takes about three pancakes in one sitting. This is equivalent to 9 slices of white bread which is very unhealthy since it causes weight gain. Syrup applied on the pancake is also very sugary. Just the amount you apply on one pancake is like taking 16 teaspoons of sugar.


French Fries:

Come to think of it, fries soak in oils during the cooking process. Ingesting this food on a regular basis will lead to a drastic weight gain. The high oil content also causes clogging in blood vessels leading diabetes and heart related ailments.

White Bread:

Once ingested into the body, the digestive system treats it like sugar and absorption is very rapid leading to a fast steady rise in blood sugar levels. Instead of food made from white flour, one should opt for whole grain meal since it is absorbed at a lower rate and causes a slow but steady rise in blood sugar levels.

Snacks and Cakes:

Snacks and cakes are packed with high sugar content. Ingesting such foods is like ingesting sugar literally and very unhealthy and hazardous to anyone’s health which leads to diabetes.

Prevention is always better than cure and one should as much as possible to desist from such foods at-least one ends up developing diabetes or in the case of an already diabetic, worsening the condition. One should visit a doctor to test their blood sugar levels on a regular basis and take precautions in case anything happens. Acquiring a European Health Insurance Card should also be a priority for you Ehic will cover your medical bills in case you develop the condition sometime in your life.

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