Published On: Thu, Nov 16th, 2017

Survey Find Teens Using E-Cigarettes To Smoke Pot

In a new survey it is found teenagers are using the e-cigarettes to smoke pot.

The survey was conducted by the researchers at Yale University who questioned about 4,000 high school students at Connecticut high schools.

The researchers found 27.9 percent of the teens used the electronic device for simple smoking where as 18.7 percent said they used it to vaporize marijuana too.

The survey also found 30 percent of the students had tried marijuana in some form.

Survey Find Teens Using E-Cigarettes To Smoke Pot

Several students disclosed to have tried alternatives to marijuana too with the e-cigs including hash oil, which contains THC that helps in make high.

Those students are more likely to use e-cigarettes to inhale drugs who have smoked cannabis in the past in some form.

The report is alarming as in the state of Connecticut the marijuana is still illegal and misuse of the electronic cigarettes could spoil the businesses of retailers who sell the devices.

Lately the e-cigarettes have flooded the market and is marketed being safer than the traditional cigarettes as it gives the same aromas and flavors without containing any dangerous chemicals. Its popularity has sky-rocketed.

Even though the manufacturers of e-cigs suggest it to be safe alternative to traditional cigarettes, but as of now there has been no official medical studies that says the claims are correct.

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