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By Paul Linus On Monday, June 3rd, 2019

Reasons to Try A Vegetarian Diet

Many people develop an interest in the vegetarian diet once they taste delicious vegetarian recipes and realize they don’t notice that it’s meatless. Contrary to what many meat lovers assume, vegetarian food More...

By Paul Linus On Wednesday, February 14th, 2018

Help for Oily Hair

Have you ever wondered what causes oily hair? It is a common issue that plagues many women and the source is made up of a few daily factors that can be controlled. Switching to an oil-battling shampoo is one of More...

By Paul Linus On Saturday, February 3rd, 2018

Health Benefits of a Low Glycemic Load Diet

Because a low Glycemic Load (GL) diet consists of eating a variety of healthy, nutritious foods and avoiding foods that have no nutritional value, the body gets the essential vitamins and minerals it needs from More...