Published On: Tue, Nov 15th, 2016

Take Burkfield As An Example: Pros and Cons Of Electric Fireplace

Imagine the front of your lawn shrouded by layers of snow; you can even see some of it in the window panes while you’re inside, wrapped around in piles of sweaters, holding a cup of warm tea right in front of your wooden fireplace. Such blissful dream is hard to come true as we seldom find houses that come with such wooden or gas burned fireplaces nowadays. Moreover, the cost of putting up fireplaces with a chimney can be very costly.

But behold,the future of fireplaces is here. Thanks to companies like Burkfield and the advent of technology, we can now get our very own electric fireplaces that come with built-in features, serving the same purpose but easier to install and maintain.


Electric fireplaces might be a bit expensive but more hassle free and easier to operate than wooden fireplaces. They not only create a beautiful atmosphere but they can be customized according to customer’s wishes. Electric fireplaces generally use mirrors, Mylar and LED lights to emulate the look of a flame. The log might be of metal, wood or rock coming in different styles and designs.

But for people who want to stick to the traditional atmosphere, you can always enjoy the digital flames by inserting electric fireplace in an existing brick fireplace opening just under the mantle to hang your candy canes!

But why should you consider getting it? Here, allow me to enlighten you on benefits of using an electric fireplace:

• They are less expensive than traditional wooden fireplaces, for which you need to make additional space along with building chimneys if the house doesn’t have one. With next to no cost when it comes to maintenance and installation, it is perfect for small apartments and condominiums.
• Made in different shapes and sizes, electric fireplaces come in a myriad of designs. Due to their independent variety of sizes they can fit anywhere, corresponding with other furniture of the room. Matching your taste, you can get it installedor built-in anywhere in the room, hang them on the wall or get them in a cabinet to resemble a piece of furniture. You can also combine them with bookshelves, mantle and fireplace media centers. It will definitely add a classy touch to the décor of your entire house!
• They come in both modern and traditional designs to appease your taste, accentuating the ambience of your house. You can get long narrow ones rather than traditional square shaped ones. Especially if you’re living in a small condo, it is the perfect way to create a more comfortable space.
Installing an electric fireplace is much easier than installing a wooden or gas fireplace. Other than just unboxing it, you just have to mount it on the wall. One set of hands is enough for setting it up. You don’t even have to bother with setting up unnecessary infrastructure like chimneys. All you need is a nearby power outlet.
• When using a wooden fireplace, it is seen that most heat is lost through the chimney but electric fireplace heat barely escapes, rather evenly dissipatesthroughout the entire room. Controlling temperature is in your hands as, with a gentle flip on the switch, you can either increase or decrease the temperate.
• Electric fireplacesdon’t emit harmful carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide gas. Harmful toxins coming out of wooden fireplaces tend to aggravate conditions of asthma patients but using this prevents from happening so. As electric fireplaces don’t have an option of open flames, and having cooler parts except for the heat discharge vent, children can be safe around it.
• In terms of efficiency, it shows the most magic. In wooden fireplaces, around 20-40 percent of heat is lost but using an electric fireplace is 99 percent effective. Except for the occasional change in bulb in 2 to 3 years, its maintenance isn’t even that high.

Why should you rethink buying an electric fireplace?

• For people who want the natural experience, it is kind of a letdown as electric fireplaces offer artificial flame. Absence of real crackling sounds of the wood or smell of burning wood is a disappointment.
• Electric fireplaces are more for accentuating the ambience of a place than to serve as an actual heating source. Compared to small spaces, they don’t heat large areas that much.Since it runs on electricity, for areas where electric outages occur often due to bad weather, using a gas or wooden fireplace is more effective. It will keep you warm even if the power goes off.
• Since electric appliances are designed to run from a standard 120v household outlet, they tend to draw maximum power. You need special wiring or a dedicated circuit to run an electric fireplace; if other appliances are put on the same circuit, it may easily fuse.
• Securely mounting the electric fireplaces is very important. A TV set should not be mounted on top of the discharge unit because if the heat blows at the bottom, the appliances with catch fire. You should be careful not to keep carpets; drapes anywhere near the fireplace as it might catch fire.

It seems that buying an electric fireplace has more pros to it than cons. But your decision should depend on your budget and the area that you live in.Ambience is nice to have, not nice if you don’t really like it.

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