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The 1991 Tragedy of Iraq in Brief

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The 1991 Persian Gulf War was not a war fought in the traditional sense and has been frequently referred to as a complete massacre. In this war 148 American soldiers died (mostly by friendly fire) compared to thousands upon thousands of Iraqi troops and civilians. Most Iraqi victims were already half-starved from U.N. imposed sanctions. They were bombed from the air continuously, even though they did not fight back.

1991 Iraq was Defenseless

In his startling book, The Fire This Time, former Attorney General Ramsey Clark comments on the Persian Gulf War, “There has been no recognition by the media that Iraq was defenseless […] Not a single [U.S.] Abrams tank nor B-52 bomber was hit by [Iraqi] fire, not a single military engagement took place.”

During the first massive 1991 raids on Baghdad, it appeared unusual that Iraq showed no resistance to the attack at all.

“Iraq had no capacity to either attack or defend,” writes Clark, “it simply endured.”

This merciless overkill proves how elegantly the world’s conscienceless leaders are able to carry out, with high-tech computerized weapons, a cold and clinical brutality.

Most 1991 Iraqi Casualties Unwilling to Fight

The majority of Iraqi troops were young and hapless draftees with no deep commitment to their military, nor even necessarily to their government; Iraqi soldiers had no other choice, though, other than to be executed by their own government or to fight.

The New York Newsday, in 1991, commented on the graphic ground war. “It portrayed the attack upon an [Iraqi] army that did not want to fight. It described a ‘one-sided carnage,’ vehicles with white flags of surrender being destroyed and dazed and starved front-line Iraqi conscripts.”

The 1991 Tragedy of Iraq in Brief

There is even in existence an extraordinarily detailed video of an attack on a complex of bunkers. It is filmed in infra-red, and glimmers eerily in green and white, showing images of the Iraqis running from the bunker only to be killed by the fire of helicopters shooting 625 cannons per minute. The graphic video was also shown to the 18th Airborne Corps in Riad, and was so gruesome that some of the U.S. military had to vomit.

Iraqis Burried Alive

The German Der Spiegel magazine wrote of the travesty, “The [American] boys in the field didn’t even count [the dead Iraqi soldiers] … They simply cast the bodies into mass graves and then covered the pits with sand.”

Only later was it made known that U.S. military forces buried an untold number of Iraqi soldiers while they were still alive hiding in trenches. Many wounded Iraqi soldiers were still breathing as their bodies were bulldozed over with sand. “For all I know we could have killed thousands,” said Colonel Anthony Mareno who recalled seeing arms and limbs protruding from the sand.

Casualties Purposely Omitted

The true figure of 1991 Iraqi war fatalities was never given (aside from U.S. casualties), remaining a mystery wide open to much speculation, but, in the opinion of London author and reporter, John Pilger, it was ‘a one-sided bloodbath.”

Since the majority of Iraqi soldiers killed by the Allied Forces in 1991 were seventeen-year-old boys (over 60 percent of Iraq’s population was under sixteen years-old) – already severely weakened by sanction-induced hunger and thirst, ill from sleeplessness, fear and cold – Pilger’s comment appears disturbingly accurate.

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