Published On: Tue, Jan 13th, 2015

The Best 10 Inventions Of 2014

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Some of the inventions can make our lives better, easier, smarter and more fun. Here are the 10 best inventions of 2014.


  1. Hoverboard– A California based tech firm has come up with real life hoverboard, which can float an inch above the ground. This product uses a revolutionary technology which can be used to stabilize the buildings during the earthquakes.
  2. Nuclear Fusion Reactor– Nuclear fusion is a source of endless energy and is clean compared to other sources. Lockheed Martin has achieved the technological know how to make compact fusion reactors, which can be used in trucks within a decade.
  3. 3-D- Printers– These are machines that can  build any object from digital blueprints by layering plastic or other materials. This invention touches everything we do in life. It can print cars for physics lessons, print tissues of human organs for scientists and can even print candies and musical instruments.
  4. Apple Watch– The smart watch from Apple uses a novel interface with touch screen and physical buttons. Apart from showing time, the watch is capable of sending messages, giving direction, making wireless payments and track fitness.
  5. Coolest Cooler– This is the smartest all –purpose party cooler designed by Ryan Grepper. Apart from storing food and drinks, it comes with a blender, LED lid light, USB charger, Bluetooth speaker and big wheels to navigate it to different terrains.
  6. Microsoft Surface Pro 3– This is a hybrid of laptop and tablet and can be used to run the desktop apps. It comes with detachable keyboard cover and built in stand, which makes it convenient to use on a desk.
  7. Ringly Ring– Christina Mercando, a former product and design manager at eBay, has developed a ring that is programmed to glow when the wearer receives important emails and texts. The first 1000 rings were sold out within 24 hours.
  8. Wireless Electricity– WiTricity based in Watertown has come up with the technology of wireless electricity for everyday appliances. The technology uses a plug-in coil that creates a magnetic field which will be able to power objects.
  9. Mangalyaan Spacecraft– This spacecraft developed by the Indian Space Research Organization was able to reach the orbit around Mars in the first attempt. It cost just $74 million for India to build the craft, the cheapest ever space expedition to Mars.
  10. Super Bananas– This is a vitamin A enriched banana developed by Queensland University of Technology to give nutrition to the kids in sub-Saharan Africa, who are at the risk of going blind under the age of 5.

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