Published On: Thu, May 5th, 2016

The Best Careers to Pursue in IT

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Today’s technology is rapidly advancing. Cyber-attacks have become common and many individuals and businesses require skilled information technology professionals to protect their information and to stay competitive. Although information technology careers are plentiful, specific skills and education are in very high demand and can be considered a top career to pursue.

Security Administration
Some of the top careers in information technology are related to its security. Most people and businesses store all of their data on computer systems. If the information is compromised in any way, it can lead to a catastrophic situation. Almost all organizations require the skills of Information Security Analyst and Information Technology Security Manager to protect their technology systems. Many IT management careers, both solely related to security or the management of all IT operations require higher education in information technology security. Pursuing an online master’s degree in information assurance can assist you in advancing your career.

Computer Systems and Network Administration
Computer Systems Administrators and Network Administrators ensure computer systems are functioning properly by fixing any communication issues, as well as updating equipment, software and hardware. Their work assists organizations by keeping everyone who uses their computer systems and networks stay online. These professionals often work closely together. If computer systems and networks do not function properly, it can affect business operations overall.

Software and Web Development/Design
Organizations must use or create the most innovative technology to stay competitive. Software developers and web designers create many of the computer and Internet programs we use frequently. Employers are often technology companies, but it is becoming more common for other organizations to hire these type of professionals to customized systems specifically for their business. User Interface Designers are also becoming a top career in IT. These professionals work with Developers and Designers to help create user-friendly interfaces from the programs software and web developers create.

Database Development and Administration
Most of the information businesses use is stored in databases. The database can stand alone or accessed using other technology, such as the Internet. These databases can hold an incredibly large amount of important information. Database Developers create programs to organize the stored data in a way that makes sense to an organization and others who access the data. Database Administrators ensure this information is easily accessible to users, properly maintained and secure.

All of these careers offer rewarding salaries and job security, but there is a catch – to stay on top of advancing technology, you need to advance your skills and learn new skills. Over the years, many information technology careers have become almost obsolete because of technological advances. Continuing your education and advancing your technology skills will help your career.

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