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The Best Scone Recipe in the World – Just Add Cream and Jam! Yum!

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Do your scones turn out like little rocks? Well, no need to despair, I have the perfect recipe to supersede any others that you may have tried before – even grandma’s favourite scone recipe will be gathering dust after you try this one. These scones will retain their freshness for up to a week when kept in an airtight container. They contain no butter, very little sugar, are egg-free and the base dough can be made into savoury scones as well, ideal for a healthy school/work snack or lunch, or as a small canape at your dinner party. These scones are very easy to make and kids can get involved with supervision.

Perfect Scone Ingredients:

Will make 10-12 decent size scones and will take about 6 minutes to make.
Preheat oven to 200°C (fan-forced)
3 cups of self-raising flour
2 tablespoons of icing sugar
250mls of thickened cream (low fat if you prefer)
100mls of cold water
2 tablespoons of milk for glazing

Perfect Scone Method

Mix flour and sugar well in a generous-size bowl
Make a well and add thickened cream and half the water

The next stage is crucial to making light and soft scones

With a spatula, flat spoon or palette knife mix the batter with a ‘cutting’ action, rotating the bowl at the same time

Don’t be tempted to beat the mixture in order to combine it, take your time to ‘cut’ and mix for a better result. If the mix is a bit dry, add remaining water a little at a time and keep ‘cutting.’ Once the batter looks well combined, it is time to get your hands in the bowl.

The Best Scone Recipe in the World - Just Add Cream and Jam! Yum!

Bring the mixture together by hand until it forms a ball.
No need to knead too much – remember a light touch will make light scones
Lightly flour your work surface and flatten out dough by hand until about 2cm thick
Use a round cutter approx. 6cm-8cm in diameter and cut out your scones

Bring the leftover dough together, flatten out as before and cut more scones out. Repeat the process to get as many scones as you can.

Line your oven tray with grease-proof paper and place the scones close together on the tray, but not touching

Brush the tops only with a little bit of milk and place in oven for about 11 minutes to 12 minutes, until they have risen and the tops are golden. The sides should be a light yellow colour and have a ‘split’ half way up.

Making Sure that Your Scones Stay Moist and Light

This is the trick that experts ‘omit’ to share with you in their recipe books. While your perfect scones are baking, line a clean large bowl/container with a clean tea-towel/large cloth. When the scones are cooked, place them in the bowl/container and wrap them up in the tea-towel/large cloth. The residual heat steams the scone and locks in the moisture and this is what will keep your scones soft. It is best to leave the scones well covered until they completely cool.

Devonshire Tea

The British really know how to throw an afternoon tea party, and Devonshire Tea is a favourite you must try – split your scone in two, separating the top half from the bottom and put lashings of double cream and strawberry jam on top. I guarantee, you will be baking a second batch very soon.

Perfect Savoury Scones

Savoury scones are delicious, versatile and very portable, simply ideal for lunchboxes and snacks on the go. Cheeses, hams, cooked vegetables and nuts add extra flavour to your scones, turning them into a nutritious meal on their own. Why not try some grated zucchini and pumpkin seeds or Gruyere and almonds? What about some Parmesan and chives or Cheddar and chili or bacon? The combinations are endless, just add what you like and bake! It is important not to add too many wet ingredients, as this can make your scones soggy and heavy.

Now that you have your perfect scone recipe, impress yourself and your friends with a splendid homemade spread when they come over for a visit. I would love to hear about your original combinations and additions to your scones, post a comment or drop me a line. Bon Appetit!

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