Published On: Sun, Nov 4th, 2018

The Difficulties with Being a Great Boss Today

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While this phenomenon is widespread it does not reach into those companies led by a great boss. Everyone should have one of these but not enough people do and as a result there is much unnecessary turnover in business today.

The Difficulties with Being a Great Boss Today

The Difficulties with Being a Great Boss Today

In times like these though, being a great boss can be extremely difficult. A leader today has to care equally for his or her employees’ lives as well as the bottom line. Profit counts, but so does camaraderie, motivation, and providing a great place to work.

While some turnover is to be expected in this time of downsizing, it’s important for bosses to retain motivated employees. Setting a good example is the best way for them to accomplish this.

The Leader as Example

People take their cues from the boss. They begin to do what the boss does. If the boss is normally late, they will not feel obligated to come to work on time. If the boss calls on customers, customers are seen as being important. If the boss is polite, those who are rude see quickly that they will not fit in.

Great bosses understand all this. They position the organization to succeed with their own posture and presence, not their policies.

A great boss shapes the organization. Because everyone does what the boss does, the boss had better perform, or the company won’t.

A Word of Caution

While many long for the chance to work for a great boss, there are others who are shocked by a hard dose of reality when they finally get the chance. Here is a word of caution to those who want to work for a great boss.

Surprisingly a great boss isn’t always the easiest boss for everyone in the company to work for. When some people have a boss that expects them to live up to their salary, follow the company’s vision, follow his or her example, conquer their fears, overcome obstacles, and continually improve themselves, they often find that their job under this boss’s leadership is one of the most challenging jobs they have ever had.

This is because a great boss is all about high expectations. Great bosses expect effort and they reward it. They understand mistakes and don’t punish people unnecessarily for them. Instead, they expect their people to learn from them and expect them to understand the company’s mission and work to fulfill it. They expect continuous improvement and if someone is a star performer now, they’ll appreciate their current performance yet expect even better results the next time while they reach for new heights.

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