Published On: Wed, Aug 10th, 2016

The latest iPhone 7 rumours and speculation

Earlier this week we highlighted how the upcoming iPhone 7 would be launched with a Touch ID home button, but there looks to be further surprises from the iconic brand when the device is released later this year.

Although many people may be looking to the iPhone 7 to deliver them improved productivity and easier gameplay potential, it’s still the aesthetic properties of the device that seem to be capable of causing the greatest amount of controversy.

Already a highly publicized YouTube leak of a iPhone 7 mock-up has revealed that Apple could be releasing the smartphone in a brand new deep blue color that will certainly divide tech fans. Whilst such a move won’t affect the way that users communicate or play mobile casino games, it signals a clear break with the past.

The latest iPhone 7 rumours and speculation

Further to this is the constant rumours that suggest that Apple will be seriously overhauling the iPhone’s hardware by saying goodbye to the headphone jack in favour of using Bluetooth and the charging port.

Whilst such news would be interesting for music fans, for anyone interesting in playing games on a smartphone, then you could look forward to checking out Lucky Nugget’s mobile casino games in 1080p sharpness on an edge-to-edge display that’s capable of handling 4K content.

And although mobile casino games and streamed movies will look sharp on the new iPhone, it’s not expected that the iPhone 7’s camera will offer much more than was included with the iPhone 6s – apart from getting rid of that unwelcome bump on the phone’s chassis!

One thing that everybody from casino gamers to selfie-enthusiasts will be looking forward to, is a longer battery life. Whilst the iPhone 6s suffered in comparison to many other similar devices on the market, it’s hoped that the iPhone 7 will be able to pack in some more power despite offering a more sleekly designed chassis.

Regardless of all of the highly intriguing features, it’s hoped that the new iPhone 7 will hit the shops in September at a similar entry price as the iPhone 6s. However, one leak has suggested that the incredible all-glass version of device will be delayed until 2017, and whilst this eye-catching device might not be high up the demands for anybody wanting to visit a mobile casino, it shows that Apple certainly know how to get the headlines!

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