Published On: Sun, Oct 9th, 2016

The Most Common Causes of Back Pain and How to Prevent Them

Back pain is one of the most common health issues that people are facing these days. Whereas back pain may have some obvious reasons like growing old, being overweight, smoking, hereditary etc, there are some rather common daily activities which play an important role in causing back pain that go unnoticed. Let’s know about these causes and find a way to prevent them before it’s too late.

  • Sitting for a Long Time: Believe it or not, sitting somewhere for long hours is the worst thing you can do to your back on a daily basis. Therapists and studies prove sitting hours at a stretch would cause little blood supply to your discs resulting in lesser fluid in that area, which causes malnutrition of the discs. Further, moving keeps the discs nourished which does not happen when you are sitting. It can severely damage your neck and back in the long run.

You need to avoid sitting for a long time. Get up every 20 minutes and walk around, stretch a bit, get up while taking a call or having a snack etc. You can use your smart phones to give you a reminder. Sit in a chair or in a place that can hold up your back, thus your spine will be aligned, do not lean or bend over in front, it will give your back relief from pain. You can also do some free hand exercises to relax your muscles.

  1. Heavy Load Shifting: Lifting heavy loads may cause you back pain, but to what extent? A study conducted among 1000 participants by researchers of Sydney University found that it increases chances of back pain by 5%. So every time you are carrying an extra load of some sort, as a medium of exercise or as a part of your job, you are making yourself vulnerable to it.

Effective solutions are exercises like goblet squat, single-leg thrusts, step-ups, etc. These exercises make your back more strong by keeping the pelvis in the correct position.


  • Fiddly Posture: We hardly think about our postures because who cares right? Seemingly, normal postures like sitting down, leaning forward, bending over, kneeling down, twisting your body can affect your back by locking the pelvis, causing spinal flexion and, in some cases, rupture of your spine.

To prevent any back ailment from this, you should always move your body; use a pillow to maintain body-balance in every position so that your back is not pressured under any circumstances. Do not slouch or put body pressure on your tailbone; these help will help a great deal.


  • Negligence during Daily Activities: Absentmindedness always takes a toll on you. Being negligent about the way you work, or about your physical activities all together, can result in medium to severe back pain, also increasing the chance of having one by 25%. Simple chores like watering the plants or doing the dishes can end up hurting your back if you are not careful about your body and its position.

Being alert is the key – do exercises which will keep your core muscles active. Also, pulling your navel inwards all the time while lifting or bending helps you to have a strong and stable back.


  • Faulty Lifting Habits: Any work that makes you to shift weight in an unbalanced manner makes your back vulnerable, including your entire torso. It can cause a back injury anytime. There are some techniques you can follow for safe weight lifting.

While bending over with a weight, bend your knees instead of the waist; try to keep your backbone in a linear position. Always keep the weight that you are lifting near to your body because the far the object will be, greater the possibility to hurt your back. Plus, do not lift something that is more that 20% of your body weight. And lastly, never twist and turn while lifting something up.

If you already are suffering from back pain, consult a doctor to measure the severity of your problem. Painkillers are always a temporary solution but if it is nothing serious, you should avoid them and try to stay active as much as possible. Being cautious is what we owe to ourselves for a better life and better health. So be cautious and take actions now so you do not have to suffer tomorrow.


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