Published On: Mon, May 14th, 2018

The Rise of British Rock

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In early 1960s, Cliff Richard introduced a British version of Elvis Presley’s American rock and roll. This background paved the path for the formation of many British bands mixing rock & roll and British pop, but the overall structure was still vocal-centered; while instruments (mainly guitars) were providing a rhythmic background for the music. The Beatles is the best example of this class, and had a key role in the popularity of rock music in 1960s, though they had not such influence on the evolution of rock music technically.

The Rise of British Rock

During the years 1962 – 1964, numerous bands with this style were formed both in the UK and US, and this was the dominant style continued until 1968. Nevertheless, some prototypes of the so-called ‘real’ rock music were appeared in this period. An early example is the British band, The Animals, and more specifically their famous song ‘The House of the Rising Sun’.

Another important step taken in the evolution of rock music was the electric guitar revolution made by Jimi Hendrix. During his short career, he widely introduced new possibilities for the magic of guitar sound in this class of music. In addition to his innovative shows like playing the guitar with teeth or on his back, he is famous for innovative amplification experiments producing astral-quality feedback and roaring distortion. This is the reason that he is still ranked among the top guitarists of rock music.

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