Published On: Fri, Mar 31st, 2017

The Wine Company employee, bouncers arrested over thrashing three customers

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Gurgaon, March 31: The employee of The Wine Company in the Cyber Hub, Gurgaon has been arrested and three bouncers detained by police over thrashing an NRI businessman and his friends in the early hours of Tuesday. The accused named Roopak and three bouncers were identified with the help of a TV footage obtained from the pub.

Two days back, two guys, Ishant and Siddharth were looking for a place to spend the evening with their NRI friend, Rahul, who had just come to India from London for an investment in a business endeavour. Having heard a lot about The Wine Company at DLF Cyber Hub, they decided they’d head there. Little did they know that such an innocuous decision would have such dire consequences.


They arrived at the outlet around 10 pm and were done by 12.30 pm at which point the bill was called for. There were inconsistencies in the bill which was brought to the attention of the Manager. A heated, yet cordial argument over the same ensued. The establishment was scheduled to shut by 1 am and the entire staff was getting involved. Finally the error was acknowledged and rectified by the Manager, and the corrected bill was presented and paid off, with the three heading towards the door by 1.10 am, as per the CCTV footage.

Seems like there was a misconception in the company staff, as the Manager tried to stop one of the friends by grabbing their arm, and when the individual tried to release himself from the strong grip of the Manager, around 8-10 highly aggressive, seemingly uneducated and brutish bouncers, decide to take matters into their own hands, and viciously jumped them NOT with the intent to restrict them, but rather to cause heavy and grievous harm.

Three customers were beaten horrifically for around 20 minutes by more than 15 people who should’ve ideally been there for their safety and service. Instead they were beaten with bottles and even when on the floor were stamped on and kicked repeatedly. No assistance was provided by bystanders, or by the DLF security.

Complainant Rahul Laxman, according to his brother Nitesh, just tried to intervene and save his friends from the bouncers, but they thrashed him badly. Rahul suffered injuries on head.

“The investigation is under way. We have arrested a bar employee and detained 3 bouncers. If found guilty, the bouncers will be arrested,” Inspector Sudeep Kumar, station house officer of DLF-II police station, said.

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