Published On: Mon, Apr 20th, 2020

The Worst Car Rental Agencies In The United States

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There are many Americans that go to travel on long road trips and when they do so, they choose to hire a car rental agency to rent a car for the said trip. The popularity of this process can be ascertained by the fact that over 34 million people drove over 60 miles away from their homes for vacations in 2017 as per a survey. This tells us the business of car rental is booming and the demand does not seem to go away. You can also find many cars belonging to car rental agencies that are regularly available at airports all around the globe. Each of them will approach you when you go to the airport and offer you attractive offers and plans for renting their cars. Some of these will look too attractive and that is a practice as well, some of the rental agencies are being genuine but many of them are not legit.

Certain things are wrong with many of the car rental agencies when it comes to hidden charges, damages or deposits. These car rental agencies seem to take unattractive turns at one point to another and you must be aware of which are the worst car rental companies right now in America to avoid getting into a situation like that and ruining your vacation. We also recommend you consider paying a little bit more than renting a car from one of these worst car rental agencies in the states.

Ace Rent a Car

This is not a new car rental agency as it was founded in 1966. The headquarter of ace rent a car is in Indianapolis, Indiana. It is featured in this list because of the reviews that are left by the previous customers of the agency. In consumer affairs there have been a lot of negative reviews for the rental agency, some of them claim that the cars provided by the agency were in very bad shape or the features were not working. Others mentioned that at the time of billing, they were charged with hidden costs and those that were not communicated to them in the first visit.

This brings us to the point that before accepting a service you must go through the agreement that mentions all the costs and series that you will be charged for after availing the service because once you avail the services and sign on the agreement, you cannot backtrack and not pay the amount. You are legally liable to pay that, so we recommend you to avoid Ace rent a car to avoid all these situations. In its initial years, it was considered as one of the best car rental agencies but recently it has been rated as an F-grade company with a lot of consumer complaints on the consumer affairs forum.

Advantage rent a car

Just like the Ace car rental agency, Advantage rent a car is also a very old car rental agency, the prices here are very low and the reason for this is because it is rated an F-grade agency with over 500 consumer complaints that prevent customers from availing the services. In case of agreements, they also possess the same problem as Ace rent a car, it is that there are many hidden charges and daily fares that will be charged from you before properly intimating you of them. Some travelers also claim that they were forced to purchase insurance and other services from them that were too costly for them and they did not even need them.

Fox rent a car

It is a very popular name, but it is also one of the worst car rental agencies in the United States. They have been charged for Over deposits for insurance and oil along with charging hidden fees from the customers. There is a huge number of customer complaints about this car rental agency and it has been involved in many consumer complaints matters for a very long time now. Resultantly, the price offered by Fox rent a car is also very low and they try to offer deeper discounts in order to persuade customers to avoid all their flaws.


Payless car rental services have not been ranked by JD power from 2018. It is an international car rental agency with offices being in European countries and the United States. This agency also has a lot of consumer complaints left at the consumer affairs. These revolve around pre-paying for fuel, purchasing additional insurance, charging hidden amounts, etc.

Dollar and Thirty car rental service

As the name suggests, Dollar and Thirty were two different agencies but they were amalgamated to come down as one service. Just like the other agencies in this list, this car rental agency has also a lot of consumer complaints in consumer affairs. We recommend you to avoid this because the travelers have claimed that they were charged daily toll fees for their vacation without them even knowing about that.

Budget rent a car

In the case of the JD power survey 2016, the budget rent a car was the third worst-rated car rental agency in the United States. The consumer reviews in case of budget car rental service have gotten worse since 2016. Many travels claim the insurance charge was over-charged because they automatically upgraded the insurance without them even knowing.

Avis Car Rental

Avis car rental service is a global brand and this has been ranked as a fourth-worst rental car agency in the power survey conducted by JD in 2016. The major problems that were faced by the travelers as per the consumer complaints in the consumer affairs were that the conditions of the car and the services of the car in case of Avis car rental agency’s travels were not good. Also, that they paid for services that they did not even avail during the trip

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