Published On: Thu, Oct 27th, 2016

Third-Quarter Earnings Reveal Google Steadily Growing With Mobile Ads Too

During the initial boom days of smartphones investors thought further rise would cripple Google. However, it has been proved wrong as mobile devices are now giving second life to the search giant.

In the third-quarter earning released Thursday Google’s parent Alphabet reported a 27 percent surge saying advertisers will reach them with more dollar if users spend more time on smartphones.

Alphabet is on the second place in the world in terms of market value after Apple Inc. It has grown steadily as billions of people now carry mobile devices almost everywhere.


The report added Google ads clicks were up by 23 percent in the third-quarter compared to same period in 2015 and it is claimed to be the fastest increase in past four years.

The fastest growth is due to strong presence of the search giant on smartphones across the world. It also has control over several other similar products like YouTube, Google Maps and email.

Google Chief Executive Sundar Pichai said pitch to advertisers of their “is simple and is resonating: our mobile properties like search, YouTube, maps and Google Play are where people turn when they’re actively interested in something.”

A data reveals about 87 percent of world’s smartphones run on Google’s Android mobile operating system that come preinstalled with its services.

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