Published On: Wed, Jun 27th, 2018

Tips for Child-Proofing a Kitchen

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Families spend a lot of time in the kitchen. The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home, where bodies and relationships are nourished and where wonderful memories are made. But it’s also a place where accidents occur, particularly for younger children who do not understand all of the dangers lurking in what is for the most part a warm and friendly place.

Tips for Child-Proofing a Kitchen

Here are some ways to child-proof a kitchen to make it not only warm and inviting, but safe for little ones as well.

Use Child-Proof Locks Wisely

Child-proof locks should be put on all cabinets and drawers that contain any of the following items:

-Sharp objects such as knives and scissors.
-Matches and lighters
-Cleaning supplies
-Glass and other breakable objects
-Heavy objects such as cast iron skillets

In addition to keeping hazardous items in locked cabinets, it is also a good idea to put dangerous items that are not used too frequently in cabinets that are out of reach.

Use Baby Gates to Keep Children Out of the Kitchen

Although there are times when it is appropriate to have babies and toddlers underfoot when cooking, there are other times when it is more practical, and safer, to keep the children from being in the kitchen. For example, any time a marathon cooking session is going on with multiple cooks, it is best for young children to be kept out of the kitchen. One of the best ways to do this is to put up a baby gate where the child can see into the kitchen and can be interacted with, but cannot get into the middle of all of the action going on in the kitchen.

A baby or toddler may also be placed in a high chair or playpen inside the kitchen if there is no one to watch the child while Mom is busy cooking. High chairs and playpens keep the child contained and out of harm’s way but allow him to be in the middle of all of the action and feel more a part of things.

Practice Child Safety With the Use of Appliances

There are many child-proofing products that can be used to keep appliances such as the refrigerator locked. There are also child safety devices that can be used to bolt a stove into the wall to keep it from tipping over if the child decides to use the oven door as a step.

Small appliances should be kept unplugged when not in use with the cords wrapped up and out of the way.

It’s also extremely important to keep all pot handles that are on the stove facing inward so that the child cannot grab one and pull the heavy pot – and the hot liquid – down onto himself.

The kitchen is a warm and inviting room in the home, but it provides a lot of hazards for young children. Child-proofing the kitchen by locking cabinets, putting unsafe items in high, out of the way places, using baby gates, and practicing child safety with the use of appliances are all ways to keep babies and toddlers safe at home.

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