Published On: Sat, Jul 1st, 2017

Tips on Shopping for New Vinyl Windows

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Vinyl windows are very popular nowadays. There a lot of ads about PVC windows in magazines and newspapers.

Today we will give some tips on both price for windows replacement and how to choose the right vinyl window.

Tips on Shopping for New Vinyl Windows

There is a reinforcement belt made of metal profile inside each vinyl window. It is designed to keep the window under seasonal temperature fluctuations. Manufacturers do not save on this, because in many areas the temperature can fluctuate from -30 ° C in the winter to + 40 ° C in the summer. In such conditions, the steel insert in the plastic profile must be in all elements of the window and its thickness should be at least 1.5 mm. Only then the window will not be significantly deformed, which will ensure both a long service life and the absence of drafts.

Glossy plastic, is less susceptible to dirt and easily laundered than matt one

If you live in a noisy district near a motorway, we advise you buy a double-glazed unit. The noise will be quenched much more efficiently and the heat loss will be less. A double-glazed unit has three glasses, between which there are two airbags.

Bear in mind that for the best noise suppression, the distance between the glasses in the double-glazed window must be different, that is, the metal spacers inside the bag must be of different thicknesses. Ideally, the inner glass should be slightly thinner than the outside. This will reduce noise.

The glass unit usually consists of a standard float glass. This is a glass of increased transparency. However, if you care about the energy efficiency of your home, you can choose a special energy-saving glass. Sometimes it is also called K-glass or infrared glass. It differs from the usual one because it has a special coating, which reflects the infrared range of waves, that is, heat. Thus, in winter, the heat from your room will not come out, and in summer, on the contrary – the heat from the sun’s rays will be greatly weakened by the IR-coated glass.

Slit airing of vinyl windows

There can be several exits. The simplest and the most common is the possibility of tilting the leaf with the adjustment of the gap. So, you can regulate the flow of fresh air. In addition, there are systems of micro-slit aeration and even special supply valves that are cut directly into the box of the window. However, all these options are technologically different. It depends on the profile manufacturer.

Vinyl window fittings

The accessories can rightfully be called the most important part of the window, since it keeps the leaf in the correct position, provides a tight fit, no slots and even a safety feature for the window.

Sealant is another thing that should be paid attention to during window installation. The standard black seal is made on the basis of rubber and has the property of “tanning” at low temperatures, forming leaks and cracks. Many manufacturers offer white or transparent elastomer-based sealant. It is much less demanding for temperature and has a longer service life. And in any case, do not forget to lubricate the whole sealant for the winter either with a special compound that the manufacturer recommends, or with silicone oil.

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