Published On: Sat, Apr 13th, 2013

Tips on Using Social Media for Writer

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A writer usually begins with a hobby that brings a person into a skill and become a professional writer. Not all authors must be initiated by issuing a book. Become a career writer can also begin via the Internet, especially social media.

Here’s some tips for harnessing social media for a writer:

Use a Big Social Networking

That’s the advantage of technology. If you want to known as a writer makes sense if you use a network that has the most users to echo your existence. In addition to Twitter and Facebook, Tumblr and Google+ now also increasingly prominent among the authors.


Part of the success of using social media to be easily overlooked is social. Creating a link to something you like and adding comments are important to interact with your followers, who became reader of your writing.

Minimal Self-Promotion

Reduce the desire to promote every word you write. Readers prefer to see who you really are and knowing your behavior. If they like what they read on, then they will often ask about the books you have created, without self-advertise your book before.

Consider the Privacy and Comfort Levels

You might be interested in joining a global virtual community to share information and views with other people, but focus on the things that make you comfortable in public spaces. You must be willing to listen again what would you write in social media to understand that you are talking about.

Create A Quality Connection

Use all the possibilities in social networks for your interests. Have fun and interact with other writers you admire. Expand horizons with follows writers who have different specialties.

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