Published On: Thu, Mar 29th, 2018

Tips To Access The Hidden Job Market

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It’s never been harder to find a job. So how come all those other people are finding work, while you are having difficulty? What do they know that you don’t know?

Tips To Access The Hidden Job Market

It’s not so much what they know, or even who they know, but HOW they access jobs that have not yet been advertised. Remember, even though for many large corporations the law says most jobs must be posted, most jobs are pretty well filled before the process even starts. This takes the edge off corporations of worrying who will do the job, and lets them keep going on with their business.

Networking With Past Co-workers

The best way to get hired, or at least get an interview, is to know someone who can give you a quick recommendation. Think of this from the company’s point of view: if someone has already worked with you and knows your work ethic, chances are they fit in with the company’s policies. So that means you’ll fit in as well. So keep in contact with past co-workers, even if you don’t work in that area any more. This does not mean you have to be “buddy-buddy’ – but the occasional lunch together will keep you in contact and in their minds when a potential job come up. Let them know you are still looking, and are willing to try for a position that may not be exactly in your field.

Networking With New People

Don’t be afraid to let new acquaintances know you are looking for a job – you never know who knows who, and your timing could be perfect! Don’t be obsessive, just mention some of your talents and that you are looking for work in a specific or general area.

Cold Calling

Find a company you think you’d like to work for. Now, investigate their departments and find out the head of a department you think you’d work well in, and also find out their HR policies (hiring). Call or write these people: and try to arrange to get a few minutes of their time to talk to you. If you write or email, let them know you will contact them by phone in a couple of days, and then do it. Open your conversation by finding out if it’s a good time for them to talk, and if not, find out when would be a good time. Briefly explain you want to talk to them about the company and their work (most people like to talk about themselves).

Do the same with HR – see if they can meet you in person (this always help – to put a face to a name) – that you want to work for this company, and just want to hear about basic company policies while letting them know about you. Say you understand they may not have anything for you right now, but could you keep calling/visiting every once in a while to see if the situation changes. And do it – ONCE in a while (once a month tops).


Let those whose life work is to find you work do their job! Sign on with one or more recruiters. It’s their job to find the hidden job market – and it’s your job to let them do it for you!


This does not mean you have to volunteer in your job area! The idea is, the more you are doing for others, the more it tends to come back to you! Volunteer at something you enjoy and want to do. You’ll be cheerful and happy – and someone is bound to see that and remember you for a particular job!

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