Published On: Tue, Dec 30th, 2014

Top 10 Tech Stories Of 2014

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The important technologies that made news this year include the apple watch and an advanced hover bike. Here are the 10 most popular tech stories of this year.
1. Consumer electronics show– This is the biggest event of the technology world where the companies display their latest gadgets. In 2014, the display included the door lock which allowed people to control the access to home through Smartphone, Samsung TV with a bendable screen and Panasonic hair dryer which adds moisture to the hair as it dries.

2. The buying frenzy of Google– Google has been on a buying frenzy in the recent years. They have spent billions of dollars for buying companies that make smoke alarms to wind turbines and to robotics.

Top 10 Tech Stories Of 2014
3. Security flaw in Apple’s OS– An important flaw in the security system on Apple’s mobile and Mac operating system was identified in February this year. The bug could help the hackers to monitor the exchange of sensitive information of the users of Apple devices.

4. Aero-X hover bike– This hovercraft made by a California based Aerofex Corp, lets you to fly up to 3 meters in rough terrains. The online booking of the hover bike started in May for $5000 which is refundable. The cost of the bike is $85,000.

5. Internet provider asked to provide the ID of movie downloaders– The Federal Court in Canada asked an internet provider to hand over the information about the 2,000 customers who were alleged to have downloaded movies illegally.

6. Heart bleed Bug– This bug affected the popular version of the SSL software code and allowed to spy on communications and steal data without being detected. This bug was discovered by the security researchers in April.

7. An electric car with range of 1,600 kilometers– An electric car with a special aluminum air battery which can travel 1,600 kilometer range without any recharge was demonstrated in June in Montreal.

8. Apple iOS 8– The latest version of the Apple mobile operating system was released in September.  The new features in this include: ability to share iBook, iTunes and health app.

9. Solar plant that sets birds on fire– A solar plant in the Mojave Desert in U.S has caused thousands of birds to set on fire during mid-flight. There are 300,000 mirrors used in the plant to concentrate the solar energy on to three boilers which generate electricity.

10. Apple watch– This is the first wearable device from Apple. This device was unveiled in September. Two new iPhones were also released by Apple this year.

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