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Educators all over the world are moving in the direction of newer and brighter future; which is pre-dominantly influenced by technology. They are using this as one of their key tools for a brighter and greener future. Here are few of the key trends that you need to look out for in 2015.
1. Wearable Gadgets: The introduction of various wearable devices like Google glass, smart watch, etc. could be used as a great learning device. The jury is still confused as to whether or not Google glass could be used as a key learning tool ; though we think that it is on the way to change the educational sector indefinitely. Classroom learning, without the use of paper (which obviously mean that the campus would be slightly greener) – These devices prove to be extremely beneficial to whosoever has them. Hoping that 2015 would be the year, when we see an evolution of wearable gadgets into the educational sector.

2. BYOD: Ah! The younger crowds are killers for short forms and BYOD is the latest in thing. Bring your own device – students have been craving this for a long time. Finally it is here. Students are allowed to get their tabs, phones, laptops, etc. –anything that would help them to make notes, keep a tab of their work, mail and communicate etc.

3. Sharing is Caring (Cloud and Social Media): Nothing is nothing, unless that nothing is shared and then that nothing definitely becomes something. While the primary motive of social media was mainly restricted to an informal level of communication and cloud computing was introduced to increase storage space at both personal and professional levels. The situation has defiantly transformed quite a bit. Students and educators have taken this wide platform and started customizing this for themselves. Being on Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, etc. have become important saving and sharing platforms for students and educators alike.

4. Flipped and Blended Learning: Of late the concept of flipped and blended learning has come into the educational stream. Flipped learning is where students learn content via an instructional video, etc. and then the application of it via project work. Once that is done, the teachers can then concentrate on the subject by solving issues that the students face via the classroom. This approach helps the classroom to become more personalized where the teacher can interact one on one with students and focus on the problem areas directly. On the other hand blended learning is a combination of online and classroom teaching. Various schools and institutes are already experimenting with this kind of learning techniques; and in the coming years it is supposed to be turning the entire education system around.
This concept is predicted to bring in more attention and communication to the classroom. It gives an opportunity for students to put forward their point of view of a subject and issues that they face – than the teacher teaching all of them unanimously.

5. MOOCs: Massive online open courses is a whole new area that the students now have an opportunity to ponder on. This was one of the biggest trends in 2014 which has been carried forward to 2015. This is mainly used as a collaboration between companies and institutes to provide training and certifications to various applicants. The students would have to register themselves with an educational institute and pay a fee in return for the educational qualification that they provide.
This is purely done via the digital world and no form of classroom training is offered. So students who are working and cannot take time out for studies MOOCs proves to be extremely beneficial.
These online course provide with course material, help outs, practice tests, training material etc.

6. Personalization: The new age apps and technologies that have been incorporated in the educational stream has definitely made education more personal than it was before. 2015 is the year where the communication between the teacher and student gets even more streamlined. Educators are able to track their students on a daily basis, be updated about their progress, understand the student’s plight and dilemma and organize class and lectures accordingly.

Technology is an area that is under constant vigilance and change. People are constantly looking for change that can make their work easier. The concept of EdTech proves to be extremely beneficial to the education society. Technology in education has made a huge change in the system. 2015 is definitely the year where the transformation of a classroom study and the incorporation of EdTech would be seen. Education is, after all the backbone of our society and technology is one of the key tools that helps to build a better tomorrow.

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