Published On: Thu, Apr 11th, 2019

Top 7 technology companies 2019

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Many people have wondered how companies have been rated over time. Every year some companies are ranked based on their employee rating, and this year, Tech companies have made it to top 100 in Glass door lists.

Some tech companies offer Winner casino promo code to employees. This list comprises of the top seven Tech companies in 2019.

1. Zoom Video Communications

This Tech company ranked number two on the overall rating. It has a company rating of 4.5. The company handles Cloud-based video conferencing technology.

Many of the employees have exclaimed that the company is the best they ever worked for. They extol their CEO for leading by example and delivering happiness. Their management is great and employee friendly. The workers claim that their sales floor is not toxic and that everyone is glad to help out. The company makes them feel that they are part of a special thing and team work is encouraged.

2. Procore Technologies.

Procore ranked number four on the overall rating. It has a company rating of 4.5. This company deals with construction project management software.

It’s employees say that they feel welcome, engaged and energized while at work. It is challenging and fast-paced but it is a very hospitable place to work in. They have good work cultures. They also live up to their values of Ownership, optimism and openness.

3. Linkedin

LinkedIn came sixth in the overall ranking. The social network for business professionals and recruitment tool has a company rating of 4.5

It’s employees clearly described it as a company with very strong emphasis on employee wellness. They also go the extra mile to care about the employees thoughts and do everything to make them very productive.

4. Facebook

Facebook came seventh in the overall ranking but still gathers a company rating of 4.5. Clearly it is the world’s largest social network.

Facebook’s employees benefit from learning from excellent software engineers and/or researchers in AI.

5. Google

This giant Tech company ranked eight on the global ranking with a company rating of 4.4. Google is the world’s most popular search engine, which also launches loud computing, hardware, and software products, and more.

Many of the employees say that the company is very work friendly. It provides a safe haven for software engineers since it is an engineer -driven company like Betway.

Top 7 technology companies 2019

6. Salesforce

This company ranked 11 in the overall rating. It had a company rating of 4.4. The company works on customer-relationship management. The employees tag it as a work place with a challenging environment, supportive environment, adequate room for professional growth and an awesome corporate mission. The same can be said of Betway.

7. HubSpot

This company ranked number 16 in the overall ranking with a company rating of 4.4. The company deals in Sales and marketing software. Employees say they appreciate the autonomy they have and it makes them feel valid.

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