Published On: Thu, May 4th, 2017

Top Destination Wedding Spots in the World

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When choosing to get married abroad, many couples already have a clear idea of where they want to get married and why.

That’s because they may have an emotional connection, a family tie or a particular interest in that part of the world.

Some newly engaged folk just enjoy the thought of getting away from their everyday lives or combining the ceremony with their honeymoon. They will need, however, to take along their wedding dresses and outfits suitable for a warmer climate though some may simply opt for wearing designer dresses.

Top Destination Wedding Spots in the World

This short guide is for those who want to get away to a lovely destination. Let us tempt you with these ideas for amazing places to tie the knot.



It’s the vast array of things to see and do that make Mexico one of our favourites as a wedding destination. Inviting your family and friends to a tiny island in the middle of the Pacific to watch you get married is a lovely idea. But what if a remote beach is their idea of a nightmare? Choose a country with a choice of adventure, beaches, sport, spas and food to keep everyone entertained while you and your beloved sneak off to enjoy the relaxed, sun soaked honeymoon that’s perfect for you both.

Mexico offers a gorgeous 6,000 miles of coastline with Acapulco, Cancun and Riviera Maya just some of the stunning locations you can get married in.

The Bahamas

the bahamas

Designer wedding dresses should be lightweight and crafted from soft sheer fabrics to suit a Bahamian ceremony. Jewelled flip flops for vows with toes in soft, white sand and azure flowers in your hair to match the waves.

The Bahamas consists of two thousand islands from tiny metres-wide coral cays to the main islands of New Providence and Grand Bahama. This is the wedding destination for certified beach bums of all kinds. Surfers, divers, sun worshippers and sailors will all find a piece of their soul here.



For those of us who are romantically inclined, Italy is the epitome of our art. The ancient city of Rome, the glorious Lakes and Florence, the home of art are just some of divine locations you could choose for your wedding day.

Everything from the photo album, the wedding breakfast and the architecture of your chosen venue will be enhanced beyond measure simply by having been in Italy. Five star hotel luxury, decadence and opulence would be matched perfectly by designer wedding dresses overlaid with intricate chantilly lace or fabulous brocade.



An Atlantic island with pink sand on the beaches, dramatic cliffs and a quintessentially English feel. Bermuda is an oasis of seaside beauty but without the bohemian feel that comes with most beach weddings, it’s a little more refined here should you want it to be.

The cities of Hamilton and St George are the main focus of hustle and bustle, you’ll even find cute, old fashioned British pubs. Most tourist weddings will take place in all-inclusive hotels along the coast. Beautifully designed gardens are perfect for wedding photos, be sure to step through a traditional moon gate to ensure good luck got your marriage.

A nautical theme for your special day would be a lovely idea in Bermudan surroundings. Look for wedding dresses with large bows above the train, a splash of blue or navy in the flowers or even a laced bodice, slightly reminiscent of a pirate dress.

Costa Rica

costa rica

Costa Rica is a breath-taking place and a truly unforgettable place to get married. The mix of jungle and beach is the perfect recipe for a trip both exciting and relaxing.

The wedding can be as luxurious as you wish but, as Costa Rica is a place proud of its ecological achievements, a rustic theme seems to suit the location most. Include nature into your day with an abundance of flowers, a chance to enjoy wearing stylish designer dresses, unexpected visits from friendly creatures and a simply enjoying the company of your loved ones and the enchanting locals.

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