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Top Five Inexpensive Detox Techniques

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Detoxing the body is sometimes the best way to deal with any illness. From cancer and Candida to the common cold or a sluggish system, detoxing can have a remarkable effect. However, when many people think of detoxing they visualize a retreat full of green juices and meditation, which can come at a hefty price. Others see detoxing as a stressful, maybe even uncomfortable process that may or may not include visits to doctors, physical or massage therapists or even a colon therapist, which can cost a good deal of money as well.

Top Five Inexpensive Detox Techniques

Fact is, anyone can detox and cleansing the body, inside and out, doesn’t have to cost much at all. Some processes cost as little as a few gallons of clean water. In the end, the only thing stopping a person from detoxing is themselves.

Scrape the Tongue for Health

One of the cheapest and best ways to continually cleanse the body every day is also the first thing everyone should do first thing of a morning. Upon waking, most people usually use the bathroom and brush their teeth. By adding tongue scraping to this routine, the average person can detox their system for as little as $7. Tongue scrapers can be bought online through most health sites or natural living markets. Many health experts and Ayurvedic doctors recommend tongue scraping at the first of the day to remove toxins gathered on the tongue overnight.

When sleeping, the body goes through a fast (the reason why the first meal of the day is called break-fast). During this fast, toxins are emitted through the skin and other various membranes of the body, including the tongue. Scraping the tongue first thing of a morning prevents these toxins from being re-administered back into the body.

Water – The Body’s Friend

Another act of detoxification that can be done of a morning is drinking water. Water is a great way to cleanse the body. Each organ, especially those that filter toxins like the liver, colon and kidneys, use water to process and move each toxin along. For example, without water and proper re-hydration, the colon doesn’t pass waste along properly. As waste sits, toxins are released and pulled back into the body through intestinal and colon membranes. Water, either ingested or introduced into the colon through enemas or colonics, helps the organ pass waste and toxins.

By ingesting water the first of the day, the body re-hydrates quickly. Just as the body fasts during the night, it also becomes dehydrated. People who drink coffee and other dehydrating liquids in the morning put further pressure on the body’s organs to function without the benefit of water.

Dry Skin Brushing

Much like tongue scrapping removes toxins from the tongue, skin brushing removes toxins from skin. Skin, like the tongue, emits waste. If the waste is not removed from the skin, it settles there, filling pores and causing blemishes, rashes and other unsightly effects.

Skin brushes are available for around $10 at local health stores or online. By using them on dry skin before bathing, toxins are exfoliated away and easy to remove with soap and water. Ayurvedic medicine also recommends skin brushing every day, even without the following bath, so that toxins will not settle and the skin produces enough of its own cleansing oils to help itself.

Feast or Fast

Juice and water fasting is a detox technique practiced by more and more people as more information becomes available on how to fast in a safe and healthy way. Juicing is probably the most expensive of these five listed techniques due to the high cost of quality juicers. However, buying a quality juicer is an investment for the person who intends to create healthy juices for regular imbibing or plant to juice fast every month or so or once a year.

By juice feasting, a term coined for long term juice fasting, the body takes all the vitamins and minerals from the vegetables and fruits and assimilates them very easily because it doesn’t have to process the fiber in those foods. This not only cleanses the colon, liver, kidneys and skin, but also gives the body a rest from the processes it goes through to digest, break down and assimilate fibrous foods.

Depending on the types of fruits and vegetables being juiced and the person’s health, juice fasts can be done for 1-3 months at a time and still maintain health. Water fasts, however, should be done under a medical professional’s careful watch and shouldn’t, usually, last longer than a week.

Water fasts are a pure cleanse and fast. The body doesn’t take in any toxins or fiber and therefore doesn’t go through any of the stresses it would go through when having to process and assimilate food. This is very inexpensive in that the cost is simply the cost of clean water, whether that is from a natural spring or purified water.

You Are What You Eat

A popular way to detox today is to start a detox diet. This is often done on a small level to detox the body to aid in dealing with food allergies such as gluten and tree nuts. By removing foods from their diet and slowly re-incorporating them into their meals later on, usually 2 weeks to a few months later, those people allergic to these foods find they can eat them again.

The whole foods diet is recommended more and more by nutritionists and dietitians as this diet allows people to eat many of the same foods they are used to eating and love but by eating an organic version they avoid taking in the toxins from hormones, pesticides, herbicides, etc. Whole foods diets are becoming more and more available and affordable with more organic farms forming and grocery stores being build. Even common superstores provide more and more organic options in their produce sections.

An extreme detox diet is the raw food diet. Raw foodists promote their diet more and more with proof of better health provided from this clean, organic diet full of fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts. This diet is similar to the whole foods diet in that it provides the body with nutrition without toxins, however, this diet is more extreme by solely providing food with living enzymes and none of the high protein foods like meat, dairy and processed grains.

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