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Top Things to Do and See from Mysore to Hampi in Karnataka

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Framed by the Western and Southern Ghats, with Mumbai and Goa to the north and Kerala to the south, Karnataka is a colourful state with fabulous temples and palaces, white sandy beaches and lush forests teeming with wildlife.

It’s a land of fine crafts, traditional dance drama and tasty cuisine worthy of South India. Visitors to Bangalore, the capital, and beyond will find excellent amenities, hotels, tour operators and attractions to suit every taste from royal heritage to scenery and wildlife reserves.

Mysore Palace and Temples, Bandipur Wildlife and Project Tiger

The southern district of Karnataka is full of architectural gems, including the finely carved Somnathpur temple, but top of the list is the Mysore Palace. In this ancient royal city, the present building dates back only to 1912 but is still used in part by the Maharaja.

Set in manicured grounds, it’s an intriguing mixture of styles, Hindu, Islamic and others, with a lofty tower, marble domes, halls, pavilions and temples, guarded by the goddess of wealth and luck. It’s at its most glorious during the autumn Dasara festival, beautifully lit up after dark.

Formerly a royal hunting ground in the foothills of the Western Ghats, the Bandipur National Park is part of Project Tiger, initiated in India in 1972. It’s also a sanctuary for deer, elephants, sloth bears, rare flying lizards and over 200 species of birds, some of which may be spotted on organized safaris into the forest. There are rare plant species and great swathes of sandalwood trees.


Hampi Ancient Ruins, Top Things to See in Karnataka

Once capital of the glorious Vijayanagar Empire, Hampi is a World Heritage site, acclaimed as the largest outdoor museum on earth. In a desolate landscape littered with boulders and rocks, the nostalgic ruins of Hampi are divided into the Sacred and Royal Centres where palaces, pavilions, baths and temples once stood.

The sites are merely a shadow of their former self but retain some imposing structures, such as the elephant stables, the stepped water tank and the Hazara Rama temple with its exquisite carvings of ceremonial parades. Look out for the stone chariot in the Vijay Vithala temple and the 56 musical pillars. The Virupaksha temple is still used for worship.

Gulbarga to Shimoga in South India

Near the coast, in the Shimoga district, the Jog Falls are among Karnataka’s most popular natural attractions. Here the Sharavati plunges 250 metres into a chasm, one of the highest drops in India, through a series of four cascades. It’s most spectacular during the monsoon and best seen from the viewing platforms along the banks.

Also worth exploring are the old temples and forts scattered here and there, the Agumbe pass where views stretch all the way to the Arabian sea and the Gudavi bird sanctuary, hosting among others 60 different types of water birds.

In the northeast corner of Karnataka, Gulbarga is another must-see for history lovers. Ruled by several dynasties, the former capital of a Muslim state, the district is a treasure trove of ancient architecture, mosques, tombs, temples and fort. On the banks of the Bhima river, Firozabad appears like a ghost city while inside the Gulbarga fort, the 14th century Jama Masjid displays glimpses of Persian architecture and 250 arches. The city itself claims 18 historical attractions.

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