Published On: Sun, Jun 4th, 2017

Top Tips To Keep Floor Tiles Look Beautiful With Minimal Care (Part II)

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Top Tips To Keep Floor Tiles Look Beautiful With Minimal Care (Part I)

After the mopping is done, don’t forget to choose a cleaning agent for the grout. You can try baking soda paste. Spread it on the grout lines and with the help of a soft bristled brush just scrub it off. Vinegar spray also works great. If you are using oxygen bleach, do follow properly the directions mentioned.

Never use cleaners which are abrasive or corrosive in nature as it will erode and damage the grout too. Also, don’t use chlorine bleach, mineral scalers, lime or ammonia.

After hours of scrubbing it is suggested to protect the hard work and so don’t forget to seal the grout regularly as pre-prevented penetrating grout sealer don’t last longer. It will keep water, mold, dirt, stains and grease out.

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Those who have never cleaned the tiles could say it is not easy. Take note that if you take a wrong approach, the dirt and soil will be pushed more into the grout and this will make the lines look very dirty. Also, if harsh and abrasive cleaner is used, the grout can be damaged irrevocably and so the hours of hard work may also not be fruitful.

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