Published On: Sun, May 22nd, 2016

Toyota Developing Wheelchair That Can Climb Stairs

Can a wheelchair climb a stair? Of course yes if you remember Dean Kamen’s iBot wheelchair, which is designed with unique adjustable wheel orientation to help the device climb and stand upright.

The Dean Kamen’s iBot wheelchair however went off the market in 2009 as it was high priced, around $25,000.

Toyota is paving way for its comeback. It is partnering with Dean Kamen’s DEKA to develop next version of the wheelchair.

Toyota Developing Wheelchair That Can Climb Stairs

As of now no released date has been announced either by Toyota or by DEKA, but a familiar-looking prototype has been shown to give a hint of what can be expected when it hits the market.

Toyota will also be licensing DEKA’s balancing tech for rehab therapy and potentially other purposes with the deal. This means the new wheelchair technology to also find its way into other health care devices. It may also be paving ways into personal transport as well as robots.

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