Published On: Tue, May 22nd, 2018

Traveling by Air? Here’s Tips How to Save Money

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To save money on airline tickets, book your flight in advance, preferably immediately after travel plans are announced and dates are finalized. Check with various online travel sites to find the best deal, keeping in mind that sometimes the airlines’ websites offer the best prices.

Traveling by Air. Here's Tips How to Save Money

In addition, business travelers may find that departing from or arriving into an alternate airport may cost less. Be sure to consider ground transportation needs when arriving in a different airport – an alternate airport will mean varied access to public transportation, such as subway systems and buses, as well as different rental car options.

Checking baggage can also add to the expense of the trip. Make sure that bags are within the required weight limit or additional charges may apply.

Saving Money When Booking Hotel Rooms

Hotel rates can vary from city to city and by location. If the destination is a large city, there may be several hotels to choose from. Think about what amenities the business trip requires when arranging hotel reservations: Do travelers need a full service hotel with a restaurant for entertaining clients or business meetings? Is access to a gym or workout room necessary? Is the hotel convenient to public transportation or the convention center? Is an airport shuttle available? By staying at a “budget” hotel, rather than a luxury resort hotel, unnecessary expenses can be minimized.

Reserving a hotel room in advance can also save money. Find the best rate for the hotel, which can be found on the hotel’s website or on a travel site. In addition, consider phoning the hotel’s reservations department and asking for the best rate or the “corporate” rate.

Saving Money at the Hotel

A host of expenses can be accrued at a hotel. From the mini bar in the room to parking and service charges, a hotel stay can really add up.

Avoid all items in the mini bar – those items could all be purchased elsewhere for a fraction of the cost. In addition, don’t drink the bottle of water conveniently placed in the room; purchase a bottle of water from the soda machine or drink tap water.

While the hotel restaurant might be convenient, the convenience is also expensive. Whenever possible, eat somewhere else – ask the concierge or locals where they like to eat. Many times, their favorite restaurants are less expensive and delicious alternatives. If the hotel room has a mini refrigerator, take advantage – stock it with sodas, bottled water, sandwiches and any other snacks or beverages that might be needed.

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