Published On: Fri, Apr 12th, 2013

Two Captains Charged For the Terrible Boat Collision in Hong Kong

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The police of Hong Kong have filed manslaughter cases against the two captains of the boats that get collided in the island Lamma in the month of October. The accident took the lives of more than 39 people which are the deadliest disaster that took place in the last four decades. Chow Chi-wai, captain of Lamma IV and Lai Sai-Ming, captain of Sea Smooth catamaran are the two captains who made 32 passengers to lose their lives and 92 passengers got injured. The Lamma IV is a boat which belonged to the ‘Electric Power Plant of Hong Kong’ was taking nearly 120 passengers. This boat gets collided with Sea Smooth Catamaran and a listed passenger who was named ferry, made the boat Lamma IV to submerge in the sea. The 39 passengers who died in the collision were on the boat Lamma IV. The collision between the boats set off a terrible night time for the survivors and also for the people who were searching for the passengers to rescue them. These situations made the efforts weaker and there was not clear underwater visibility. This incident has frightened people in visiting the Electric Power Plant of Hong Kong and also the National Day of China which is located on the island of Lamma. The terrible accident in Hong Kong was a shock to the people in Hong Kong and it is extremely rare when compared to other disasters. Leung Chun-ying, who was the chief executive of Hong Kong, appointed a team to find the reason for the collision and the different ways to improve the maritime safety. It is expected that the commission will release its reports after getting the testimony from the witnesses. The investigators have checked the structure of Lamma IV to get the clues, why it merged so fast and also to know whether captains of both boats have followed the sea rules in a proper manner. The reports will be exposed to the world by the end of this month.



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