Published On: Tue, May 12th, 2020

Types of Anti Aging Treatment – Best Anti Aging Treatments

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Aging is a very natural process and it doesn’t hurt but with aging, there are some aging effects on your skin which are not very attractive and many people want those wrinkles and other such issues removed and use a large number of treatments for that including some wrinkles removing creams and other such cosmetics. It is no harm to use those cosmetics as long as they help, but in the case of some people they require some extra help and that is when the specific anti-aging treatments come into play. You can get any kind of anti-aging treatment at a dermatologist’s office. Today, we will be talking about what are the different types of anti-aging treatments that you can get by visiting your doctor.

Anti-aging treatments for early spotters

If you think that you are not that old to see the aging effects on your skin but you have spotted those aging signs at a very early stage then this specific skincare treatment is for your benefit. This is the most common scenario because many people are surprised about the loss of glow in their faces due to aging.

Top anti-aging treatment: A light chemical peel. This is a very short treatment that lasts no longer than 10 minutes. You can get this treatment at your nearest dermatologist’s office. The doctor applies an alpha hydroxy acid solution on your skin like glycolic acid. This solution then slowly and gradually dissolves away all the dead skin cells. The process is very easy, as after it is finished you will see a lot of dead skin cells have left your skin.

Cost: This is not very expensive and costs approximately $50-$200 per treatment.

Anti-aging treatment at intermediate stages

If you did not worry about the aging effects at an early stage but now you are finding out that those wrinkles and all of those ill effects are appearing more and more frequently and looking for some treatment then this is the most appropriate for you.

Treatment: The best treatment here is called fractional laser which is a non-ablative treatment. This statement lasts longer than the previous one. It can last for around two days and the effects can be seen after two to three visits to the doctor.

This is the scientific method and its targets below the surface of your skin and helps in generating new skin cells. This method is more complex and resultantly also costs higher. The average cost for a single non-ablative fractional laser treatment will be around $800-$1800.

Skincare treatments that are most extreme

If you think that the aging effects that are appearing on your skin are natural, but still want to get rid of those which means you are requiring treatment to undo a lot of natural processes.

The best treatment, in this case, is volumizing injectables. This method has been around for many years and the wrinkles in this method fade away within a period of six months to a year. The doctor uses hyaluronic acid to make this process work.

The average cost depends upon the magnitude of treatment that you are going to get. but still, it can be around $700-$2200.

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