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Types of Rapes, Sexual Assault

Rapists do not have sex with their victims because they want to express their love; rather, it is a way to dominate and take power away from the victims. Abusers use different tactics to keep their victims under their control, and make them feel powerless. According to the New Britain Sexual Assault Crisis Services’ Counselor Advocate Training Manual and “Men Who Rape: The Psychology of the Offender,” rapes can be categorized into three groups based on the rapist’s use of force, motivation and victim selection. All of these types of rapes greatly harm the victims, and can cause physical and psychological damage. While the modus operandi of some of these types of rapes might be random victims, rapes can also happen in relationships.

Power Rape

Power rape is the most common type of rape. Rapists who commit power rapes use only enough force to overpower their victim; in addition, the rapists have a premeditated plan, which is based on rape fantasies that they have. Power rapists may also use a weapon, but only to threaten the victims. In addition, power rapists commit multiple rapes, and these rapes last a short period of time. Language used by the rapists is instructional or inquisitive, and is often sexual. Victims selected by power rapists follow three criteria: availability, accessibility and vulnerability.

Anger Rape

The second most common type of rape is anger rape. During an anger rape, the rapists will use excessive physical violence; these assaults are impulsive and unplanned by the rapists. However, the rapists will most likely not use a weapon; if a weapon is used, it is easily available to the rapists and will be used to hurt the victims. Since the rapes are impulsive, the offenses are episodic. In addition, the duration of the assault is often short. Also, victim selection is also unplanned, so victims are chosen based on availability. Anger rapists use language that is degrading, abusive and obscene.

Types of Rapes, Sexual Assault

Sadistic Rape

Sadistic rape is the last type of rape, and occurs only five percent of the time in sexual assaults. Sadistic rape is the most severe type of rape, in which the rapists use violence like bondage and torture. The assaults are calculated and planned; it is possible for sadistic rapes to escalate into murder. Offenses are highly repetitive and ritualistic, and the rape can last for a long period of time. Weapons are used during sadistic rape to torture and rape the victims. Sadistic rapists use commanding and degrading language during the assault. When victims are selected, they are targeted, trapped and kidnapped.

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