Published On: Wed, Mar 19th, 2014


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American Indian diplomat passionately Khobragade court gave great relief. A New York court against Devyani maid visa fraud and false statements about the charges are dismissed.

Passionately and conditions of bail bond is also canceled. Under passionately charges against court issued an arrest warrant is ordered to cancel.

The strip search was a bridge too far for her Indian supporters, however, who are now saying the entire debacle is the result of a conspiracy, effectively claiming that the maid knew what she was signing up for when she agreed to travel to America with the Indian deputy counsel general and tried to change their agreement after her arrival in New York.

‘It became clear at that point that this was a conspiracy by which some people had virtually trapped our official into a situation where she would have to do something illegal in order to help those people remain in the United States of America,’ Mr Kurshid said.

‘It is not the illegality she is accused of, it is the illegality she refused to subject herself to that brought about this unfortunate situation upon her.’

Dr Khobragade and her maid, Sangeeta Richard, have been having a legal battle for months over Richard’s treatment and immigration status, but the flames hit the diplomatic kindling when it was revealed that Dr Khobragade was strip searched after being arrested

The US government had argued that the Indictment should not be dismissed because Khobragade did not have diplomatic immunity at the time of her arrest, and has no immunity at the present time.

In support its claim, the government had submitted a declaration from Steven Kerr, Attorney-Advisor in the Office of the Legal Advisor of the United States Department of State, which said Khobragade “did not enjoy immunity from arrest or detention at the time other arrest in this case, and she do ..

After passionately dismissed the charges against his father had expressed his delight at the Khobragade and thanked the Foreign Ministry officials.

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