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Walt Disney’s Death Brought a Number of New Eras

Walt Disney died in 1966, leaving his brother Roy to oversee the company. Many thought that Roy would run the company alone, but Roy stated that Walt had in fact wanted a group of people working together to continue running Disney. “Walt was preparing for the day when he would be gone. He began grooming a team to take up the reins” . According to historians, after Walt’s death, there were three main phases.

Walt Disney's Death Brought a Number of New Eras

The period of the ‘Disney troika’ when a three-man team (including Roy), ran the company. This period lasted until Roy’s death on 20th December 1971. The second period from the time of Roy’s death until the arrival of a new management team in October 1984. The third period, 1984 until 2004 saw the company run by Michael Eisner. Frank Wells worked alongside Eisner until his death in 1994.

Periods overlapped, but this rough guide offers a basic snapshot of Disney’s management eras after Walt’s death. The Eisner era ended in 2004, with Robert Iger taking over as President and CEO of the company up to the present day.

The era in which the troika were involved in was successful from 1967 until 1971 when Roy died. In this period they were able to build on initiatives which had been set up by Walt, and with Roy’s close association with him and his prominent involvement in the company during his lifetime. However, after Roy’s death the company wavered, without a strong personality at the helm, profits started to decline. By 1979 there was an 11 percent fall in profits and a 25 percent fall in operating income over the preceding year.

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