Published On: Tue, Jul 23rd, 2019

Ways to Grow Your E-Commerce Business Rapidly

With constantly changing trends and shifting consumer habits, growing your e-commerce business these days can be challenging.

If your goal is to acquire more customers and increase the revenue of your e-commerce business as quickly as possible, here are some valuable pointers which can help you do that:

1. Make your site trustworthy

Security Badges

If your site (or store, to be exact) appears sketchy, people will have second thoughts shopping on it. Security is a major consideration for online shoppers. Make sure that your site is secure and proudly display security badges such as Norton and McAfee trust seals. This ensures your visitors that your website is HTTPS secured.

Boost Trust within Customer’s Journey

Another method of creating trust is to boost it within the customer’s journey on your store. Their journey starts with them, probably seeing your ad and then visiting your website, most likely viewing the advertised product page. If they like the product, they will then decide to purchase it, view checkout, and go through the checkout process. Throughout this sales process, there are methods that you can use to build trust.For instance, you can include reviews of the products being displayed on the page and to install a ‘live chat’ option so that they ask questions if they need to. Lastly, customer service can significantly influence the amount of customers’ trust. There are several ways to do this, including ensuring that the purchased product was delivered as promised, to avoid non-delivery of goods, which can cause disputes with buyers (In cases of disputes, you can use third-party services to resolve them as quickly as possible, see this Purchase Guard review to learn more).

2. Make special deals stand out

Use Online Real Estate Strategically

Ways to Grow Your E-Commerce Business Rapidly

Most online shoppers are attracted by exclusive offers, special deals, and discounts. This is especially effective if you sell high-value products and you’re offering special deals for them, which can ease a bit the high cost. To ensure that shoppers aren’t missing hot deals, make them stand out by using pop-ups to promote them or using an info bar at the top of your page. Using online real estate strategically to communicate your offer will get you more conversions.

Emotional Triggers

Other effective ways to appeal to customers is using emotional triggers, such as “free shipping” or “today only” to create urgency and increase impulse purchasing. A well-timed ad that carries an emotional trigger would often lead to more customers purchasing an item from your store.

3. Prioritize mobile traffic

More mobile traffic

It is a fact that there’s far more e-commerce traffic coming from mobile devices compared to desktops. More and more people are using mobile phones and tablets to shop online. Numbers don’t lie: according to researches, 40% of mobile users have purchased something online, and 63% of millennials shop using their phones.The point is you should make sure that your website is optimized for mobile devices in order to give the store’s visitors the same experience that they would get on a desktop. Another thing to consider is to invest in a mobile app to get more sales and increase revenue.

Focus on what customers want

You can generate more leads and sales if you improve your customer experience, and since many shoppers use mobile devices, focus on optimizing for mobile-first indexing. You should also find a way to focus on what customers want. In a recent survey, many customers have mentioned that they prefer e-commerce sites that offer convenience, speed, personalization, benefits, and rewards. Take those all into consideration.

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