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What Meaning Does Each of the Zodiac Sign Actually Represent?

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Regardless of whether the people living on this planet realize or not, they are often quite interested in the things known as the zodiac signs. Whereas some may not believe it completely, some others have full trust on what their zodiac signs may have to say about them and their life. As a matter of fact, some people even base their actions on the readings they get about their zodiac signs. Well, apart from whether to believe or not to believe in the zodiac signs, it is perhaps a wise idea to learn about what each of those horoscope signs actually represents.



Aries, which happens to be the first of all the zodiac signs available, is represented by a golden ram. According to the people’s belief, this golden ram was actually a gift that Helle and Phrixus received from Nephele. The purpose of the golden ram was to help Helle and Phrixus flee from Hera, the goddess of the Greek. Unfortunately, however, on their journey fleeing away from Hera, Helle and Phrixus got separated because Helle fell and then died. Yet, as for Nephele, he could actually manage to arrive at the place he was heading for. In spite of its service, Nephele then presented the golden ram that had saved his life as a present to Zeus, the father of all gods.



Taurus is represented by a bull. According to some, Taurus was actually a disguised version of Zeus. He and Europe then gave birth to three kids. Zeus was also believed to have helped Europe get to safety by crossing the water. Zeus did that in his god form, according to legend.



Gemini is represented by the twins Polydeuces and Castor. Yet, most people are not usually aware that not both of these twins were believed to be divine but only Polydeuces instead.



For Cancer, a huge crab is chosen as its symbol. Legend has it that during Hercules’ quest to end the life of Lernaen Hydra once and for all, Hera also tried to put an end to Hercules’ life for good. It was said that it was Hera herself who put the crab as one of the star signs in the sky and the crab is now known as Cancer.



Leo was believed to be a lion that was once killed by Hercules. Not only did Hercules kill the lion, he also made an invincible armor out of the lion skin. According to the myth, there was no weapon that could ever penetrate the said armor.



The zodiac sign Virgo, or some may say Virgin, actually represents Persephone, the daughter of Demeter. The belief is that Hades, who reigned the underworld – or in other word, hell, abducted Persephone, who was particularly popular for kindness and innocence. According to the belief of the people of Greece, the different seasons are there thanks to Persephone.



Everyone out there knows that Libra is represented with a scale. Well, it seems that this is because this particular star sign represents God Dike, a god whose fame was all about justice, served through some sorts of retribution. Before the zodiac Libra came into existence, Scorpio would come right after Virgo, there was nothing that stood between the two.



Once upon a time, Gaia – or the Earth – tried to murder Orion using a Scorpio. The reason was because Orion was becoming too arrogant, boasting about all his beauty and might all the time. The Scorpio did kill Orion and to its credit, Gaia put it in the constellation, to recognize how heroic and brave the Scorpio had proven to be.



Among all of the zodiac signs available in the horoscope, Sagittarius is perhaps the most unique one. It is not completely a human yet it is not completely a horse, either. It is half of both creatures, a centaur. This particular star sign was actually meant to honor the king of centaurs, Cheiron, who happened to be the most capable and wisest of all the centaurs, at least according to the legend.



The symbol of Capricorn is partially fish and partially goat. Legend has it that Capricorn actually represents the Greek God Pan. Unfortunately, this god happened to have a not so favorable character. It is believed that God Pan had the shape of a human who possessed the horns similar to those of a goat and also possessed tails. So, where did the fish form come from? Well, Capricorn developed his fish form when he tried to flee from the wind god, Typhon. Unfortunately, during the escape, Capricorn accidentally fell into River Nile. As a result, his lower body part began to develop some fins.



The symbol of Aquarius, a water bearer, is meant to represent Ganymedes. According to the legend, the father of all gods, Zeus, trusted Ganymedes to bear the cup of gods infuriating Hebe, another god to whom Zeus previously entrusted the very same task. Ganymedes ended up in the constellation because Zeus offended him. Ganymedes is now there in the constellation because Zeus himself put him there.



It seems that the wind god of Greece, Typhon, was really feared by most of the other Greek gods, except for Zeus. Even love gods Aphrodite and Eros tried to escape him. These gods even decided to become a pair of fish instead.

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