Published On: Wed, May 23rd, 2018

What to Do if Flight is Canceled

Flight delays and cancellations can occur for a host of reasons, including the weather, delayed incoming flights, and mechanical trouble. While they cannot be prevented, there are some things that business travelers can do to help decrease the chances of delays or missed flights, and to mitigate the problems associated with disrupted itineraries.

Book Direct Flights for On-Time Arrivals

Delays and cancellations are more likely for business travelers who have one or more connecting flights. Therefore, by booking direct flights, passengers can decrease the chances of a delay or cancellation. In addition, less time will be spent waiting at various airports and sitting on the tarmac, thus allowing travelers to arrive at their destination sooner- and more relaxed.

Choose Longer Layovers to Allow Transit Time Between Gates

What to Do if Flight is Canceled

If a direct flight is not available for a destination, be careful when choosing connecting flights. While a longer layover might mean more time waiting and less time flying, it can also mean arriving at the gate on time to make a connecting flight. Allow plenty of time between flights in order to arrive at the gate in time for the next flight on the itinerary. In addition, a little extra time between flights can make the difference in case of incoming flight delays- if the arriving flight comes in late, there still may be just enough time to catch the connecting flight.

Sign up for Airline Updates Via E-Mail, Text, or Voice Mail

Sign up to receive alerts via e-mail, text or voice message when flights are delayed or canceled. Available through most airlines and travel booking Web sites, these alerts can let travelers know ahead of time if a flight is going to be late or if a new itinerary is needed.

Call the Airline Directly for Flight Status Updates or to Rebook

Passengers not traveling with mobile devices can use a pay phone to call the airlines directly to learn of flight delays or cancellations. In addition, if a new flight or itinerary change is required due to a delay or cancellation, don’t line up at the airline’s desk; other travelers will be doing the same thing and the long lines can take up precious minutes that can be used to catch another flight. Instead, get on the phone and call the airline’s customer service department to rebook your flight. The new boarding pass can be obtained at the airline’s check in kiosks at the airport or from the ticketing desk.

Ask the Airline for Club Passes or Other Compensation

For flight delays caused by factors other than weather, most airlines are required to offer vouchers to travelers that can be used for food, drinks, or even lodging, depending on the length of a delay. Passengers should talk to the gate agent or another airline representative to make sure to receive any compensation that the airline is required to provide.

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