Published On: Sun, Sep 22nd, 2013

What were the two tasks set by Darwin?

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Darwin had two goals in mind. First , he wanted to work out the mechanism by which evolution occurs. Secondly , he wanted collect enough evidence to convince people of his theory of evolution . He sought information from his many contacts to help him refine his theory. In 1837 Darwin began his first notebook on evolution.
For several years, Darwin filled his note books with facts that could be used to support the theory of evolution. He found evidence from his study of the fossils record. He observed that fossils of similar relative ages are more closely related then those of widely different relative ages. He consulted animal and plant breeders about changes in domestic species. He ran his own breeding experiments on seed dispersal.
All of this varied information helped him formulate his theory of evolution and convinced him that the process of evolution which he expounded could in fact, explain the patterns he saw in the natural world. Darwin’s theory introduced the concept that organisms are modified over vast period of time by naturally occurring processes, originating from common ancestors that lived tens of millions of years ago.

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