Published On: Sat, Aug 23rd, 2014

WhatsApp Users Now Have More Control over Their Instant Messaging App

For those who have been keeping an eye on the latest news in the tech industry, they should have heard of the deal recently made by Mark Zuckerberg, CEO Facebook, in respect to WhatsApp, one of the world’s most popular instant messaging apps. Zuckerberg has decided to take over the aforementioned instant messaging app. To complete the acquisition, Facebook has had to pay up to 11 percent of the net value of the WhatsApp application to the founder as well as the development team. According to estimates by market analysts, Facebook has had to pay no less than $3 for each of the users that WhatsApp has achieved so far. In total, Facebook must have paid WhatsApp founder no less than $19 billion.


To some people, the acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook may seem to be quite a good and brilliant idea. After all, not long after the acquisition was completed, Mark Zuckerberg and his team members released a new version of the popular instant messaging app. For now, however, this good news seems to be available only for people who use those devices that run on the mobile OS by Google, the Android OS. In order to download and install the latest update of the WhatsApp app, Android users will have to download it from the official site that belongs to the popular instant messaging app. The latest update has yet to be made available on the Android marketplace, the Google Play Store.


With the WhatsApp acquired by Facebook, there are some bits of good news for users of the instant messaging application. Thing is, users of the chatting application will now have more control over their application. This goes along with the increase of control that Facebook has been giving to its users.


Now, for users of the highly famous instant messaging app, there are now three new features to avail. Namely, these new features are Status Visibility, Profile Photo and Last Seen. According to Facebook, WhatsApp users now have the option to either hide or unveil their status, photos and last seen log. In addition to those new features, WhatsApp users will now also be able to choose whether their account settings affect only their known contacts, everybody or even nobody at all. However, for the default setting, Facebook has chosen to set it to affect everyone. With these new features and settings, the instant messaging app will prove to offer users with a higher level of privacy as well as security.


With the new features that Facebook is adding to WhatsApp, there will definitely be a large number of users out there who will really appreciate it. Before this, WhatsApp users would always have to worry about other people gaining access into their personal details. For all these years, what people had to do in order to gain WhatsApp users’ personal information was simply to add the contact number that belonged to the WhatsApp users to their list of contacts. They would then be able to check on things like Status, Profile Photos and also the Last Seen logs of the WhatsApp users. Yet, thanks to the new version of WhatsApp recently released by Facebook, all those stuffs will soon become a thing of the past.


What makes WhatsApp now even more interesting is the fact that these new features are merely a start. With that being said, it makes good sense for WhatsApp users to expect more great features to come in the future. Perhaps in just a few months’ time, WhatsApp users will even be able to do more vital things rather than just altering their settings to determine who can and who cannot see their personal information.

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