Published On: Sun, Aug 31st, 2014

Who Will Play for Chetan Bhagat’s New Novel Movie Adaptation?

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For those people out there who are fond of reading novels, chances are they are already familiar with the name Chetan Bhagat. For the first time in three years, this author has made an official announcement that hints at his new novel. The preview of the story that the novel will be offering to its readers is that there is a Bihari boy and a girl who do not seem to share completely similar understanding between them. Whereas the boy, Madhav, does not speak English, the girl, Riya, does speak very good English. While Madhav wants to have a love relationship with Riya, Riya thinks it is best to be just friends. As a result, they end up with Riya being Madhav’s half-girlfriend, something that not many people may think of.


Well, because the half-girlfriend or half-boyfriend thing is not something common in the society, it is only natural that there have been a lot of debates going on in regards to this particular subject. Nevertheless, it may not be the most important thing to discuss on this fine occasion. Instead, it will be much more interesting to think of which of the Indian Bollywood actresses out there that may actually be lucky enough and get to play the role of Riya. Well, here are some possible options.


Sonam Kapoor

For moviegoers, they must have known that Sonam Kapoor has somehow taken over the image of a bratty rich girl from the hands of Kareena Kapoor. If Sonam Kapoor does get the role of Riya, perhaps one thing she will do is teach his half-boyfriend, Madhav, how to properly pronounce, say, Chanel, which is likely one of the actress’ couture labels of choice.


Nargis Fakhri

This Indian actress in particular seems to be living a life that is somehow similar to that of Riya in the novel. Rumor has it Nargis Fakhri is on a date with actor Uday Chopra. Well, there seems to be nobody else that can play the role of Riya better than this actress, does it?


Frieda Pinto

For fans of the Bollywood movies out there, the name Frieda Pinto should probably not be a strange name any longer. Unfortunately, this actress is very famous for her inability to convince most of the moviegoers out there how she is simply a plain girl from a village that is situated at some hinterland that proves to be rather exotic. Well, her role of such a girl is often not quite an assuring one, to say the least. However, if she gets to play the role of Riya, that is not likely to be the case anymore. For the first time ever, Indian actress Frieda Pinto may have a golden chance to prove to her fans as well as other movie audiences out there that she, too, can actually become a pretty convincing actress in a Bollywood movie.


Lisa Haydon

Being on the last of the list does not necessarily mean that this actress lacks of acting capability on the big screen. After all, Lisa Haydon may prove to be the most perfect choice of Bollywood actress to be entrusted with such a role, to tell the truth. This particular actress has often been known to be rather fond of cockamamie ideas, such as the idea of the half-girlfriend Riya is. This can also prove to be the opportunity for the Bollywood actress in question to conduct some social experiments of sorts. Well, for most people, they may not be lucky enough to get invited by Lisa Haydon to keep her company while she is walking on the red carpet. However, even if the people simply get to collect and deliver Lisa Haydon her dry cleaning, that will count as lucky enough already. Well, this particular Bollywood actress is quite an unattainable one but she is quite a sympathetic one, too, and that she is not likely to completely blow your mind away.

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