Published On: Thu, Sep 26th, 2013

Why did Darwin’s team stay in the Beagle Channel?

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One of the objective of the Beagle’s Captain, FitzRoy, was to return three natives whom he brought from Tierra del Fuego, to their homeland. These natives were know as Fuegians. Rev. Richard Matthews of the Anglican Church Mission society, who hoped to establish a mission in the Fuegians’ land, would be accompanying them.
On January 18th , FitzRoy took the three Fuegians, twenty members of his crew and Darwin in four boats down the Beagle Channel. This channel is a strait separating Tierra del Fuego from the extreme tip of South America, and it was named after the ship in one of its previous voyages. On January 23rd the four boats arrived at the Fuegians’ village where the mission was to be started . The next few days were engaged in the setting up the mission, and the reverend Mathews and the three Fuegians who had been trained under him, were left to run the mission. For Charles Darwin, the trip down Beagle Channel was unforgettable , as it gave him his first glimpse of glaciers.

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