Published On: Thu, Jun 23rd, 2016

Why does a family need a medical insurance plan?

Most of us tend to put our loved ones’ wellbeing before our own and try our best to keepthem safe and sound. But life is full of good as well as bad surprises and while we look forward to the good ones; it’s the bad ones such as an illness or injurieswhich we dread and cannot control. Nevertheless, the one thing we can do to secure our family against a difficult time; is protecting them financially with an appropriate medical insurance plan.


A good health insurance for the family covers medical costs and also provides many more benefits. The best part about getting a family mediclaim is that not only will your entire family be covered; but neither is there any particular limit for individual members of your family.

Here is why we feel you can benefit with a family medical insurance plan-

You get more benefitsfrom a family cover

What would you prefer filling out various different forms and maintaining policies for each and every member of your family or just keeping track of one family floater policy? We are sure most would prefer the latter; and would opt for a family floater policy where you need to maintain only one policy and pay only one premium; rather than paying premiums for individual health covers of all the members of your family. Another benefit you can get from a family cover is that if one family member falls ill then the un-well member can utilize the entire sum insured of the policy for the treatment. While most family health insurance policies will cover you, your spouse and children; there are also some insurance providers which provide cover for dependent parents, siblings and parents-in-law.

You have a plethora of options to choose from

If you feel that since you are getting a family floater policy,you may need to settle for a one-size-fits-all basis policy then that is not the case at all. In fact these days there are many policies you can choose from as well as those which can be tailored to suit your family circumstances and your budget. For instance, HDFC ERGO medical insurance offers different plans suiting varied needs; such as a cover which includes in-patient treatment costs, and post-hospitalization expenses. Depending on your views as to the type of coverbest suited to your circumstances; you can choose from a large choice of family health covers available today or even personalize a plan suiting your budget.

You and your family will feel more secure

Most of us today are constantly worried about the future and seem to have a natural tendency of assuming the worst case scenario. One of the best ways of dealing with this uncertainty is getting health checkups done on time for the entire family and though these are expensive with the right family cover you can easily access prompt consultative and diagnostic services. Besides this sometimes we tend to ignore minor health problems to avoid huge and unnecessary medical bills but luckily there are many family health cover policies which provide cover for minor as well as major health issues. Knowing that you are your family is insured and has access to timely medical treatment without adding a financial burden on you; does not only make you and your family feel more secure but will also greatly increases everyone’s peace of mind, which will eventually result in better health anyway.
Choosing the rightmedical insurance policy

You may have noticed that not only are the number of family policies to choose from increasing but so is the awareness of people who prefer getting a family health plan in advance rather than paying a hefty medical bill later on. But while choosing the policy it is important to know that though all the policies seem similar it is essential to read between the lines as they differ on the basis of eligibility, benefits and limitations. In order to actually help protect your family suitably during a medical crisis you need to choose a plan which not only fits your budget but also serves all your purposes in near and distant future.

To choose the best policy from the many available you may need to assess them on basis of the many parameters such as adequate sum insured amount, wide coverage, lenient eligibility and least number of exclusions. Eventuallyfamily health plans may be ideal to cover the expenses of treating diseases but these plans are not effective for people with critical illness as they don’t provide lump sum amount unlike critical illnesses cover; hence it is important to have a clear idea about the coverage and exclusions of a family health policy.

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