Published On: Thu, Nov 3rd, 2016

Why Google Assistant Is Everywhere And Confusing Too

Suddenly Google Assistant seems to be present everywhere. It is playing pivotal role in the new Google Home tabletop gadget. It is inside A.I. too, the enhanced Google Allo chat app. The Pixel flagship phone is also equipped with it.

It is not to forget the omnipresence is part of Google’s plan and the search giant describes it as a universal friend that knows an user, learns from user, and is always present for user in any interface one is using.


However, there’s a problem to the universalness of Google Assistant. It has different personalities and is tough to know what kind of it one is getting in any given context. This makes hard to know for a user what it can actually do and how one can use it.

Let’s take the case of Google Assistant in Pixel. One needs to ether hold down the Home Key or say ‘OK, Google’ to tell it to open Chrome. If the same is asked with Assistant in Allo, Google search results are opened instead of Chrome. Here one needs to say ‘open Chrome app.’

This is just one example of inconsistence. The same issue arises in other products including Google Home and that’s the main confusion of Assistant.

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