Published On: Sun, Sep 22nd, 2013

Why is Charles Darwin a fascinating figure?

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Charles Darwin was a brilliant naturalist who changed the way people think about life on earth. From a young age, Darwin collected lots of different think like stones and beetles, and performed experiments with his brother in the garden shed. Charles and amazing life . He traveled the world, saw volcanoes explode, and earthquakes rode on the back of giant tortoises, and went hunting for ostriches.
When Charles was 22, he was invited to join a voyage round the world on a ship named ’beagle’ . When the beagle stopped at the Galapagos Island, in the pacific ocean, Darwin found some really strange animals. He collected lots of specimens while he was away, and when he returned home he started thinking about how animals and plants change though time. He concluded that different individuals might survive better than others because they are little bit bigger or better at something, and he called this natural selection by survival of the fittest’. He also concluded that animal that do survive often have more offspring , and these young ones inherit their parents’ strengths. In 1859, he finally wrote a book about what he had found out. It was called ‘On the origin of species’. It was a sensation! Charles’ ideas meant that humans weren’t special they had evolved too, just like any other animal. Darwin had so much evidence that scientists decided he was right.

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