Published On: Thu, Mar 31st, 2016

Why Testing is Important for e-Commerce Applications?

E-commerce is one of the rapidly growing industries that is attracting people in a huge number to perform online transactions. In this process, e-commerce companies are striving to provide better convenience for their online customers, so that the customers would visit the shopping websites more frequently and perform more transactions. To retain the existing customers and to attract more customers, these applications need to be user-friendly and accessible to customers on any browser, platform and device.

As the complexity of applications increases, it will increases difficulties to ensure functional compliance. Testing all the functionality of an application is all important as it helps in identifying whether the intended purpose of the application is met or not.

Additionally, performance of these applications during festival/holiday seasons play a crucial role as a large number of customers will be trying to access them concurrently. The sudden increase in the traffic might make these applications inaccessible for some time. If they are inaccessible, customers will quickly switch to other applications that are running seamlessly and effectively to grab offers. So, performance of these applications during peak seasons determines a company’s business growth.

More importantly, Usability issues like poor application layout, navigation problems, inaccessible pages, missing images, poor font and text styling for readability can distract customers. A simple navigation structure with smooth and effortless browsing would help customers continue to explore these applications. An e-commerce application that provides high quality user experience will result in converting clicks into transactions, and also influences customers to revisit the applications

All these aspects are crucial for business growth. E-commerce applications that have a lot of issues often fail to help customers to do their transactions easily, and forces them to switch to another application. This can reduce the business growth and profits while competitors who have quality applications with no issues would be retaining existing customers and attracting new customers all the time.

Hence, the e-commerce applications require different types of testing to ensure they perform without any hassles on customer’s side. The e-commerce companies need to make sure that their application works well on all the browsers/platforms/mobile devices along with full functionality and high performance to improve customer retention and attract new customers. Customers should be able to easily use these e-commerce applications anytime from anywhere, which helps companies to achieve a competitive advantage in the online marketplace.

However, Implementing Functional, Usability, Performance and Cross Browser/Cross Platform/Cross Device Testing might be expensive. So companies should approach a cloud-based testing provider for the time and cost-effective testing offerings that covers all types of testing.

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