Published On: Sat, Jul 1st, 2017

Why You Should Take a DUI Charge Seriously

There are people who tend to consider a charge of driving under the influence to be something that can be settled with a fine and call it a day. In fact, a DUI charge can have an impact that lasts for years. Here are some of the reasons why you need to take the charge seriously and secure legal counsel to help you decide how to deal with that charge.

Why You Should Take a DUI Charge Seriously

The Impact on Your Credit Rating

Did you know that being convicted of driving under the influence can have an adverse effect on your credit rating? Most people don’t make the connection, but this type of information does turn up in credit checks. What this will mean is that if you want to make a major purchase, the potential creditor or lender will order copies of your credit reports and see all the information about the arrest and conviction. What they read could be weight heavily in the decision of whether to extend the credit or deny your application.

Remember that it’s not just limiting your options for major purchase that’s at stake. Even with something as simple as applying for a credit card, the information about your conviction will have some impact on whether the card issuer chooses to do business with you.

Landing a New Job

You may not worry about how a DUI charge in Barrie impacts your ability to get a job right now because you already have one. What would happen if your employer eliminated your position or shut down completely? Once you are back in the market for a new job, rest assured that prospective employers will run credit and background checks. What will they think when they see the charge on your record? Depending on the type of work you do, that conviction could mean you are automatically disqualified for some positions and may find it harder to be seriously considered for others.

Your Insurance Rates

Another area of your life that will be affected is how much you pay for auto insurance coverage. rest assured that the conviction makes you a greater risk in the eyes of most providers. At best, you can expect to pay higher premiums for your coverage. At worst, there will be quite a few providers who will decline to extend coverage. That will leave you seeking what may be barely adequate coverage from a high risk provider at an exorbitant rate.

Travel May Not Be So Broadening

Perhaps traveling abroad is not something you do often, so this repercussion from the Kitchener DUI charge may not occur to you at first. That will change the first time you think about having a holiday outside the country. Simply put, some nations will deny entry based on your DUI record.

Don’t think of a charge of driving while under the influence as being a minor issue that will go away. A conviction will change your life in more than one way. If you have been arrested and a court date is pending, now is the time to secure legal counsel. Doing so provides the opportunity to use whatever legal means is possible to control the damage and provide the chance for you to begin overcoming the results of your choice.

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