Published On: Sat, Nov 25th, 2017

Why Your Friends Don’t Talk, Co-workers Don’t Cooperate

Why Your Friends Don’t Talk

A friend is someone having an ability to put all your sorrows away and bring a smile to your face. Therefore, having honest friends is no less than a good luck charm. But what if, they’re not the same anymore? If you have a friend who suddenly seems to part ways with you, following may be the possible causes.

Why Your Friends Don't Talk, Co-workers Don't Cooperate

1. Your friend has suddenly encountered something that not only keeps him/ her away from you, but everyone else. This is pretty normal.
2. Maybe you guys had a tussle, your friend hasn’t been able to forget, but you have.
3. You said or did something that hurt him/ her, even you’re unaware of it.
4. There’s something wrong with him/ her, very much personal that he doesn’t feel like sharing. Although, friends share all sorts of secrets with one another, some people are just naturally reserved.
5. He/ she lacks trust in you.

Why Your Co-workers Don’t Cooperate

No matter wherever in the world you are, you will have to face some hasty co-workers. If you’re feeling left out or there’s not enough co-operation around, it can be due to the following possible reasons on either your side or the co-workers.

1. The most ordinary reason is professional jealousy. This kind of a feeling knows no age, gender or experience difference.
2. Your personality won’t match with that of your co-workers; they won’t accept you.
3. It can also be that, you’re not doing that well at work.
4. Some people are just plain selfish. They don’t want others taking credit for work; thus, won’t help.
5. You take work seriously, but others don’t.
6. Some people are under motivated with lack of confidence due to which they are not able to work alongside others.
7. Some people will only cooperate on a condition that you will return the favor anytime they ask.

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